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ang_ck, Feb 24, 10:40pm
read this for yourself

here is the summary of it

Mike Stewart and Julia McEntyre bought an EQC repaired house in 2013 and only found that it had bodged repairs when they came to sell it to pay for their new home. It needs an estimated $300,000 in foundation work at least.

junie2, Feb 25, 12:00am
Scarey! Read it in Press today. Like many others, our first assessment said place needed lifting to re-do founds and piles, but we ended up with crack repairs only. No one would discuss further, so we felt we had to trust the "experts". This nightmare could go on forever eh?.

traykuku, Feb 25, 8:49am
Yes it would suck to be in the Stewarts position. However it has always been buyer beware & even more so since the EQ's. There will be many of these & also many that were cash settled & did their own repairs or just painted over the damage then onsold.
The person that carried out the building inspection when the Stewarts bought initially must take some of the blame. A decent builder would have picked up that damage.
Also you don't have to lift a house to fix the damage stated. $300k sounds a awful lot for what they are saying needs doing.

golfaholic2, Feb 25, 9:50am
EQC hired contractors to skim over and hide damage . dont try to do the same by deflecting blame kuku . we aint that stupid

robyn35, Feb 25, 10:04am
decent builders in a lot of cases are the ones that have caused this mess. Many a shonky LBP out there, and yes before you scream they were following orders and doing what they were instructed too - i get that but surely a "decent" builder would not do the work if s/he knew it wasnt a proper fix let alone sign their name off on the PS3's and 4's. but guess what many of them did because they liked the top $$ they were getting paid

junie2, Feb 25, 12:57pm
Posters 5 and 6. . yes! We thought we had a "decent" builder, but now it's pretty obvious he was happy to go with the flow and pocket the rewards.

gammycontent, Feb 25, 3:11pm
I know a few decent builders who didn't join the repair programme. Didn't like the process to get accredited and all the elf and safety stuff as well as could see they would come under pressure due to quantity of repairs. Preferred to stay doing what they do best and that was new builds - not repairs.

traykuku, Feb 25, 3:37pm
I agree with you but I was referring to the builder that Mr Stewart engaged to do his building report when he initially purchased. They should have picked all this up & Mr Stewart would not be in this position.
Many more of these cases to come as well as those that were cash settled & the owners pocketed the $$$ & covered up the damage. Those are the buyers that have really been swindled as these properties were sold by people knowing the damage hadn't been fixed.

janbodean, Feb 25, 3:55pm
We can always rely on traykuku to see all points of view except the injured parties'. What was it you said the other day about balancing the argument? I have yet to see any balance in the arguments you put forward.

traykuku, Feb 25, 5:31pm
Really? Obviously you don't read the posts properly . Can you tell me why the initial building inspection didn't pick up these issues? You never answer any of the questions, just come in with your personal attacks. Obviously nothing intelligent to add.

samanya, Feb 25, 7:29pm
It's not just city dwellers, junie.
I bought a rural property & did the 'due diligence' thing (I thought) & after I moved in, some things weren't quite jelling, so asked for a report & guess what (even had to go through the 'official secrets act' or something named like that) it transpired that when I got the report, with most of the figures were blanked out & I know bloody well that the work hadn't been done , cos I did it myself & yet the previous owners walked away with a pay out into double figures!
I suspect that there were false invoices supplied & I tell you, if I ever run into the previous owner . I will ask if they have heard from EQC yet . they won't, but I'd love to put the shits up them.
So many people ripped off after paying replacement value insurance for their life!
Kia Kaha, junie xxx

junie2, Feb 25, 8:31pm
We're not so badly off samanya, but we do see now that things should've happened differently ( better). We became quite friendly with the builder, who i think was a decent bloke, but I think he was ground down by all the kerfuffle and opted to take the easy road. Shortly after the EQs we bought a house in Rga, and lived in that whilst our repairs here were done. Pulled up the carpet in the 10 yr old Rga house to ready it for resale, and found huge cracks in the concrete floors, although all checks had been done and signed off. ( The garage floor, the only one uncovered of course, had been repaired.) EQC sorted very quickly and quietly. Carpet layer says it was one of dozens he'd seen and in his opinion there are probably thousands of floors in Rga alone , just waiting to be a huge problem - when moisture, mould etc raises its ugly head to new and unsuspecting owners.

janbodean, Feb 26, 9:14am
We all know only too well that many building inspectors failed to pick up quite obvious problems. As to personal attacks I guess deeming someone unintelligent and unable to comprehend could be seen as a compliment in a skewed world.

traykuku, Feb 26, 9:37am
You need to read the posts. I am referring to the building inspector that the people in the article employed themselves to give them a builders report when they were purchasing the property. You still have not answered that question.

bassmo1, Feb 26, 10:19am
Gosh, I was so shocked for them, mind you, when we came to Christchurch it was common knowledge that the repairs are not done well, so we built. People will make their own assessments and go with the consequences. The house they purchased was a cheapie and no doubt they did that because of the deposit they had at the time and it has sheltered them pretty well. But they put more money into it and that was not a good idea.

martin11, Feb 26, 11:13am
What I would like to know is were the original repairs actually done by Fletchers or another company as Fletchers were doing the scoping on behalf of EQC and sometimes other companies i.e. Hawkins were actually doing the repairs to the EQC scope . or was this job one that the original owner took the money and arranged or did their own repairs .
Also the fact that the new owners had a very poor inspection done by the builder that Mr Stewart engaged to do his building report when he initially purchased. He the builder obviously did not know what he was doing .

spyware, Feb 26, 3:20pm
There were other little companies that subcontracted.

My skirt foundation plaster and inside paint job apparently cost $29,000 (all substandard done in 2 days stuff) was done by a builder from Woodend and painter and decorator Well Hung (no google hits, I wonder why).

Note: lounge floor is 30 mm in 3.6 metres, driveway on that side of house has sunk, and EQC not interested in fixing anything.

martin11, Feb 26, 4:16pm
Driveway is not EQC it is your insurance companies responsibility
Supprised your lounge is 30mm out have you had it professionally checked ?

quane1, Feb 26, 4:23pm
My neighbours were worried about their slab but were told that whether there was damage or not to the slab they would not be covered by insurance for carpet if they lifted the carpet to inspect without written permission from EQC.

martin11, Feb 26, 4:29pm
House in our street EQC lifted the carpets to look for cracks and the paid for the carpet to be relayed after fixing a few cracks in the slab . They had major ones in the slab
We have just replaced our carpet last year and found no cracks that needed fixing yet the house was built about the same time as our neigbours home .

david_270, Feb 26, 5:05pm
It doesn't cost a lot to have carpet lifted and relaid if it was done with smoothedge.
EQC tell lots of porkies, if your neighbours think the slab is suspect they should get it checked. Remember, it is up to claimants to prove their loss, EQC and IC's are seeking to minimise their costs.

david_270, Feb 26, 6:39pm
Theres an earthquake / Vero story on Fair Go tonight.

alpha111, Feb 26, 7:06pm
NZ is supposed to be the least corrupt country in the world. What a sick joke when these types of things happen.

spyware, Feb 26, 7:42pm
I never said it was. Driveway sinking (apart from slope in lounge floor) is indicative of fact that skirt foundation has sunk less than 1 metre from it. No one can deny the fact.

Checked by EQC engineer and Fletcher study of sub floor repairs (non repair in my case).

Thy did inform me that I had a water leak under house (16 weeks after sub floor survey was done). WHY NOT TELL ME WHEN THEY DID IT.

spyware, Feb 26, 7:50pm
Next door was repaired though. took 18 months to repair skirt foundation on 1958 build house. What a waste of tax payers money. Could have built a new house in 1/3 the time probably for less.

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