Cracks in my lawn.

annet4, Dec 3, 12:51pm
I have noticed a lot more cracks in my lawn lately. I had a payout a couple of years ago for a land claim, ($628 - $500 excess). My back fence backs on to a storm water drain. E.Q.C. have told me to get a 'geotech' report done. Does anyone have any idea of what sort of cost these are? I'm on 'super' so if it is too much I won't be able to get it done.
Any help would be appreciated.

peanuts37, Dec 4, 12:14am
Maybe just extremely dry causing the cracks with this weather at the moment.

hd07, Dec 4, 5:38am
I have cracks in my lawn and I'm in Auckland. It's the heat/dry weather (and you guys have had it hotter than us).

llessur.46, Dec 4, 5:56pm
I'm in ChCh and we have cracks in our lawn too,heaps more then normal. but that's what happens in this heat. she's a pretty hot sun beaming down out there.I know ours is not EQ related,just solar related.As people said above it's the hot weather.

lyndad59, Dec 4, 6:24pm
We have cracks in our lawn too :( I just thought it's also because of the dry weather !

gazvic, Dec 4, 9:00pm
Had cracks last week appear so totally drenched with the hose for a couple of hours and they have now closed and looking good even after the last few days. The problem comes from the clay level beneath the surface. It acts like a sponge and when it dries out it shrinks.

annet4, Dec 5, 1:13pm
Thanks for the replies. I know the difference between heat cracks and earthquake cracks! Some of them are 1.5cm wide and I can get a stick down to a depth of about 30cms. Interesting that nobody attempted to answer my question!

bandrach, Dec 7, 7:23am
Because it's been really hot!

traykuku, Dec 7, 7:32am
I have seen a couple of lawns like this. Friends lawn has really deep cracks but didn't have any land damage in EQ's.
The very wet winter where the ground has become sodden & now long time, no rain & extreme heat is what does it.
Friend just filled the cracks with soil. You could try that OP.

sprinter51, Dec 7, 7:51am

retrodesign, Dec 7, 8:03am
Op, you are better off following traykuku's advice. EQC will not pay out on a land claim unless you can show that the damage was caused by the EQs. As you can see from the replies above this would be extremely hard. A geotech would cost $5k plus and you would have no guarantee that you would get anywhere near the answer you want. Also, even if successful the payout would be small as it would be based on the value of the land (not your land but an average section) damaged or cost of repair, whichever is less. Personally, so long as the house isn't getting damaged I would forget it, be grateful you don't have to deal with EQC over it and fill the cracks. Sorry to not be more positive for you.

electricfencenz, Dec 7, 8:44am
I have 7cm wide cracks in my lawn in auckland. Its just the driness and totally normal every summer

tygertung, Dec 7, 6:43pm
How can you be sure that it isn't caused by the earthquake?

hd07, Nov 8, 7:56am
The cracks here in Auckland are more than 1.5cm wide and most certainly not from EQ and from what I've heard Chch has been much hotter. Considering you know the difference between EQ and heat cracks must surely mean you know fellow experts in the industry to provide a geotech report? But aside from that - based on previous experience, you are probably looking at at least $1,500 to a couple of grand for an engineer to come out, inspect and provide a detailed report on your cracked land.

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