Weird, unusual or quirky houses of Chch

jguildford66, Dec 14, 7:04am
Hi I am looking to write a story looking at Christchurch's quirkiest houses and properties. Does anyone have any suggestions on places to check out?

martin11, Dec 14, 8:19am
There is a partially undergound house out near Rangiora .

jguildford66, Dec 14, 8:35am
Cool, do you know where it is exactly? or some landmarks close by?

martin11, Dec 14, 8:42am
Sorry only heard of do not actually know the location ,should not be hard to find .

jguildford66, Dec 14, 9:22am
Thank you. Do you know of any other places worth checking out?

geomorphologist, Dec 14, 6:09pm
The "haunted house" on Fendalton Road (the haunted label was an urban myth when i was a kid, but it is an interesting house) -oldest bungalow in NZ and actually looks quite modern becaus eof the materials used

geomorphologist, Dec 14, 6:13pm
If you are considering as far out as Banks Peninsula as well there is the giants house in Akaroa it is very quirky

bassmo1, Dec 14, 9:08pm
You could start anywhere just about, so many ugly buildings, it was a shock when I first arrived, I'm used to it now. There is a house on Withels Rd behind lots of foliage, the person who lives there is still in the 1940's with cars to match.
One of the sweetest cottages I've ever seen is No 53 Grange St, Opawa, well it was before the earthquakes.

jguildford66, Dec 15, 6:33am
Thanks guys. Is there any houses or properties that stand-out in the city?

vivienney, Dec 15, 10:09pm

golfaholic2, Dec 16, 12:15pm
That house will be pretty well stuffed by the time the courts award the insurance payout to the bloke in the pic . his gold digging X-wife has caused the delays which have seen the weather at it longer than it otherwise would have.
Mid next year it starts

tygertung, Dec 16, 1:33pm
There is a sort of dome house down memorial ave on the left heading towards the city. at least two domes.

mals69, Dec 16, 8:28pm
There is a house that looks like a ship in redcliffs, turn
left just as you come off the coarse way (heading to sumner)
onto beachville road then 200m on the left.

-weasel-, Dec 16, 8:40pm
8 Avonhead road

-weasel-, Dec 16, 8:43pm
6 Kinnaird place. Looks so spooky from halswell road - I've always wondered about the history

-weasel-, Dec 16, 8:47pm
Oh and 260 cashmere road - makes me smile every time I drive past it's so kooky

buyit59, Dec 16, 8:48pm
Sorry Mals69. The Boat house has gone ! . a victim of the EQ .

mals69, Dec 16, 8:59pm
Cheers, when did it get pulled down, sure it was there
few months ago ?

Wasn't there another boat style house up from the
redcliffs New World supermarket, on the left heading
towards sumner ?

mals69, Dec 17, 8:51am
Just looked it up on google streetview, is that
the old chinese market gardners house ?

-weasel-, Dec 17, 1:50pm
Possibly. It does look very old-time Chinese. It's awesome but so kooky and unexpected

iwikiwi, Nov 6, 3:01pm
There was a Futuro spaceship house on the Port Hills that was for sale for $600,000 that eventually got sold for $75,000 in 2014. Don't know if it's still there after the earthquakes though. Apparently there was/is also one in Idris Road. Found a site for you listing locations in Christchurch. Just scroll down to New Zealand - South Island. (list is not alphabetical)

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