Red zone options.

fekim, May 26, 1:47pm
How did we get to vote on what the best options for the red zone were? I don't recall getting anything in my letterbox, nor my email, nor a telephone call.
Did anyone in the area get a chance to vote on what they thought would be a good thing for the area? Or have we had a number of "we know best" people make the decisions again? I've looked at what's on offer and it doesn't really look all that exciting.
What are your thoughts?

lyndad59, May 26, 2:03pm
Do you really thing IF we did get to have our vote ,this Council would listen ?

supersapper, May 26, 2:03pm
I also wondered this. The news item seemed to infer that everyone could have an input but where and when? Or are they talking about the ideas that popped up a year or so ago but nothing has progressed from there.

jeang3, May 26, 7:11pm
This is the interactive site for the red zone options and for feedback. It looks like a done deal to me.

fekim, May 26, 8:27pm
Yes, and once again it appears we're being told - This is what you're getting, like it or lump it!
I don't think it's fair but what can we do? NOTHING. As long as you have all the government people running the show.
I feel for the rowers. They could have had a 1st class/world class facility, but thats been left out.

william1980, May 26, 11:41pm
There's been at least two rounds of consultation. The last finished in Nov.
Why do you think it's taken so long to get this far.

william1980, May 26, 11:43pm

fekim, May 27, 5:27am
My apologies, I don't recall ever seeing this.
However, based on the comments section, I say we're getting is probably NOT what most people wanted. Quote from the comments;
"if you can't blind them with science, you baffle them with bull ! 2000 pages with 5000 ideas. you'll end up with what you are told you will get. this is an exercise in PR to give the appearance of public involvement".

bandrach, May 28, 12:46pm
we got the leaflet in the mail and could submit our thoughts online

william1980, May 28, 9:34pm
Well, I guess you can't please all the people all the time.
I'm gutted the rowing lake is a no-go. I'm not a rower but I think it would have been a good facility and well used.
A tad too much green space for my liking overall, but it should be a good space if these projects come to fruition.

fineo, Oct 9, 1:45pm
Dam silly that some of it is not being sold off for light commercial premises.
Help recoup some tax payers money spent buying it up.

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