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likit, May 13, 2:11pm
The old train service between Chch & Dunedin didn’t survive because of lack of patronage what makes you think this will.
The stadium provides an economic benefit to Chch, the train would provide an economic benefit to Dunedin only.

tygertung, May 14, 5:19am
I think the rail system in general in New Zealand has been run down due to subsidising of private motor vehicles, rail seems to be rather popular in other countries, which would suggest that it could be here too. We are not a separate species in New Zealand after all.
Auckland is crying out for rail to the airport for example so if the service was good and cheap people would use it.

likit, May 14, 11:51am
Other countries/cities have the population to make it viable, we don’t.
Auckland’s population is greater than the South Island.

tygertung, May 14, 7:52pm
It's surprising that you should say that.Ireland for example is the same size as NZ and has an extensive rail network.
The enormous amount of traffic I see on all the roads would indicate that we do have enough population in fact.
Go over to Hanover for example in Germany. Extensive underground and tram network. Same size as Christchurch.
We had a huge tram network in Christchurch back when the population was lower.

likit, May 14, 11:09pm
You obviously haven’t travelled much if you think we have a lot of traffic on South Island .
Ireland does have a similar population to NZ but not the South Island.
Hanover’s population is 150,000 larger than Chch & has the benefit of being in a country with a far bigger population than us.
We just don’t have the population to justify it here, look at our buses, they are screaming for more passengers.

tygertung, May 15, 4:42am
I have done a fair amount of travel to most regions of the world. I havn't been to south America or southern Africa, but have been to all other parts.

State Highway One has a pretty solid traffic flow, they keep putting in more and more passing lanes. There is also a large number of trucks. If the rail was reasonably priced there would be no reason that a lot of people wouldn't use it.,

likit, May 15, 10:54am
SH 1 is a quiet road in the South Island, we have just over 1 million people here with a land area of 152,000 sq kilometres

eionflux, May 15, 4:11pm

tygertung, May 15, 5:10pm
Maybe you are right. Maybe private motor vehicles ARE the future after all!

eionflux, May 15, 6:27pm
I can walk to the new chch stadium

cagivachick1, May 15, 6:40pm
not south of Oamaru they arnt

likit, May 15, 7:36pm
Not north of Chch either

tygertung, May 16, 4:05am
There was a point of view that it is better to plan new infrastructure before you are screaming out for it, not after.
In Auckland they are crying out for a new light rail to the airport should have been put in 20 years ago apparently.

likit, May 16, 12:14pm
That’s why we needed the stadium 3 years ago.

tygertung, May 16, 6:19pm
A stadium won't help people get around.
I don't think a stadium counts as infrastructure, however I could be wrong.

likit, Oct 11, 6:09am
This thread is about the stadium.

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