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richynuts, Apr 28, 12:09pm
Im not a fan of having a new stadium though if I was a business owner like a restaurant or motel I would be all for it. I pay $4400pa in rates as it is not keen on paying anymore.

gammycontent, Apr 28, 4:02pm
An appropriate bed or cover levy would have it paid for

thuntzster, Apr 28, 8:00pm
We don't need two covered stadiums in the South Island. This is a huge waste of resources.
Christchurch, after the earthquakes, has rightfully been gifted much by the taxpayers of NZ.
But to see Cantabrians openly wanting to compete with Dunedin's covered stadium is a kick in the guts. The Dunedin stadium is costing we ratepayers a lifetime of debt and after all the love and care we have sent to Christchurch It feels like a betrayal of kinship. Our stadium is doing ok at last and bringing a new role for our city and provinces.
We cannot accept the Government's decision to provide yet more money to support a competition between two cities so closely aligned when regional development is needed so much more.

jonners2013, Apr 28, 9:49pm
Are you on drugs? Christchurch can’t want things that Dunedin has?

pico42, Apr 29, 12:48am
Because every time there is an event, the influx of people to the city bring with them spending money - accommodation, food, shopping - that contributes significantly to the economy. The operation of a stadium is as a flashpoint for such income.
Those private people/companies - they are also ratepayers.

foamyone, Apr 29, 8:08am
For someone who doesn't live here you sure have a lot to say. Relax.

cagivachick1, Apr 29, 8:37am
sure but why should Dunedin taxpayers pay for YOUR stadium we already have one thats financially crippling us

tygertung, Apr 29, 8:54am
Where is this influx of people going to come from? Dunedin?

jonners2013, Apr 29, 9:34am
And why should Timaru taxpayers have to pay for a bridge in Auckland? If you're going down that frankly bizarre path, then let's just give up now because nothing will be able to be done anywhere in the country.

ETA - I understand where you're coming from but it's just not reality. We're all contributing to all infrastructure throughout the country and we all benefit in one way or another from that infrastructure, even if not directly.

pico42, Apr 29, 4:33pm
How is Forsyth Barr stadium financially crippling us?

tygertung, Apr 29, 4:37pm
Thing is if Christchurch gets a covered stadium, noone is going to bother to go down to the Dunedin one. It will lose all those big acts.

fruitbat, Apr 29, 4:37pm
Ed Sheeran is just adding to Climate Change.

He should stay home.

cagivachick1, Apr 29, 5:13pm
this. Don't forget Dunedin

There’s another consideration for the Government, just down the road.

To get their own stadium, key figures in Dunedin were subjected to a storm of public opinion. The plan was deeply unpopular in some quarters and is still a $100 million weight on the city council’s subsidary companies. (Opponents would also point to the stadium’s $42 million in other costs, beyond the $224 million capital construction cost.)

Most of the money was found locally. The Government’s contribution was just $15 million. So it’s fair to assume many in Otago, who are still paying for their stadium, will be more than a little blue if the gold for a Christchurch stadium comes largely from the taxpayer, including them.

There’s a fair chance a roofed Christchurch stadium will kill the gains made by Forsyth Barr. Christchurch has more people, more places to stay and better air links. And with the city’s marketing arm, ChristchurchNZ, pursuing a more aggressive strategy of attracting major events, a new stadium there spells bad news for Dunedin, a traditional Labour stronghold.

Dunedin MPs David Clark and Clare Curran, both Cabinet Ministers, better be sure there’s enough good news for their city's voters – including concrete news about a new hospital – or they might face a hailstorm of their own.

brightlights60, Apr 30, 9:40pm
You are wrong in thinking "Christchurch wants to compete". You have to realise something, we in Christchurch LOST our stadium(s). In my younger days we went to concerts in the "new" QE11 complex. Then we had the then Jade stadium, all nicely upgraded ready for the World Cup. Both destroyed in the earthquakes. We only have the cricket oval for cricket games, and we have Horncastle arena, which only seats a whopping 7000 at a pitch, you can't play rugby there and its only suitable for small gigs. There is ample scope for a new sporting facility (or two) plus somewhere for big games/concerts to be held. In fact we need it. Why should we in the upper part of the South Island have to drive 5-6 hours to go to a concert? There is ample population down there to continue to have capacity crowds for events in Dunedin. What we need is more facilities in Christchurch to replace what we lost. At the moment, we miss out on EVERYTHING! Our taxpayer/ratepayer money and insurance money the council has received for our ruined facilities should be spent on replacements. In Christchurch there are waiting lists for our kids to attend swimming lessons as we lost some of our major pool complexes as well. 8 years since the first earthquake we are still waiting for some sort of venue to be built.

tygertung, May 1, 5:37am
I agree with you we shouldn't have to spend 5-6 hours driving down to Dunedin. There should be a high speed train to do it in 1 to 1.5 hours. There could be free WiFi on board so people could spend the time staring at their cellphones as they are want to do these days.

brightlights60, May 1, 8:23am
There is no way any government will spend a huge amount of money to bring in high speed trains so Christchurch people can use a stadium built for the lower part of the South Island.
What needs to be done is the insurance money for the destroyed stadium in Christchurch needs to be spent here and our facilities rebuilt, instead of wasting money on stupid "heritage buildings" and all the "working committees" discussing refurbishing the Cathedral and the Town Hall.

jonners2013, May 1, 9:22am
I don't think you realise how much high speed rail costs to develop. Our tracks aren't capable of high speed trains. We don't have stations. I dare say some of the rail corridors aren't wide enough for high speed rail. We don't have any of the required infrastructure. You are talking about a monumental cost to establish this. I agree it would be great but it's just not going to be feasible with the relatively little use it would get.

tygertung, May 1, 5:57pm
Surely, but the costs of maintaining the covered stadium won't be insignificant and we are going to need to reduce our dependency on roads anyway.

cagivachick1, May 1, 6:15pm
building it is just the start of the cost, there will be all the bits that wernt included in the original costing same as DN, like score boards and kitchens in the catering areas etc

tygertung, May 1, 6:55pm
I would not be surprised if the cost were to double.

oskybosky, May 11, 4:39pm
This is the way we should look at it. I pay rates in CHCH and Dunedin, I sure as hell don't see the point in making one compete with the other. CHCH should invest in other areas.

tygertung, May 11, 5:14pm
I agree completely. Perhaps a good investment would be a high speed rail service to Dunedin so we can both enjoy the stadium.

venta, May 12, 2:40pm
I very much doubt that a high speed rail link would give you a journey time of 1.5 hours.
Ed Sheeran, bah just amplified noise. I don't know why people keep banging on about it.
Just think of the residents living near the Stadium who have to endure the noise pollution, not to mention the traffic and general bad behaviour of the fans going too and from.

likit, May 12, 3:38pm
You still haven’t explained what this high speed train would do in between concerts.

tygertung, May 13, 6:36am
Probably more than a stadium would. It could be used for transport between Dunedin and Christchurch and the intervening towns of course.
I have been down the State Highway One, there certainly is a lot of traffic. Some of this could easily go by rail.

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