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likit, Apr 3, 8:23pm
Chch was a ghost town Easter weekend, good on you Dunedin for showing Chch up.

slimgym, Apr 4, 12:07am
quite agree we really need a covered stadium, Christchurch would have really rocked if we had Ed Sheeran. At least we have the beds

tygertung, Apr 4, 6:07am
What we really need is a high speed rail link to Dunedin. It is a win-win situation for both cities.

If can just get the train down in 1 1/2 hours can have a pie and beer on the train, go to concert, rugby etc. then jump on train home, pie and beer then home in time for bed. Sorted.

cagivachick1, Apr 4, 6:14am
if ChCh gets a covered stadium its all over for Dunedin

janbodean, Apr 4, 7:54am
cagivachick1 wrote:
if ChCh gets a covered stadium its all over for Dunedin[/quot

Don't think so. Dunedin go all out to turn events like these into festivals with heaps of support events along side the main event. Christchurch have never done that and can't see it happening.

vic008, Apr 4, 9:51am
Stadium- used half dozen tims a year. Rest of the year empty. Yeah, I dont mind paying for that

dottyone1, Apr 4, 11:15am
well you want to live there that's O.K. with me . It is all on in Auckland but no one can afford to live here

onl_148, Apr 4, 11:46am
If CHCH needs a stadium, other than to satisfy their "stadium envy", then there is nothing stopping a private person / company building one and operating it as a business ! Why should the rate payer build one and hire it out to private people / company, so they can conduct business in it and make a profit. cut out the mid man / sucker !

tygertung, Apr 4, 6:10pm
If people are complaining about the $87K to run the covered carpark, they won't be best pleased about the cost to run the covered stadium. Even both are covered, I think the stadiums running costs will be higher.

gammycontent, Apr 5, 2:31pm
With a bit of digging we can find the Forsyth Barr Stadium made about $13m in revenue in a year but had $12.5m in expenses leaving a net profit of $500,000.

At best a Christchurch Stadium will cost as little as $500,000,000. 5% interest costs on this amount is $25m. Forsyth Barr Stadiums operating costs were $7m and wages $2m.

There really is only one question: How much will ratepayers be expected to subsidise the new stadium?

tygertung, Apr 6, 5:52am
The rates are going up enough as it is without these additional superfluous monuments which would only have intermittent to gain profits for private enterprise.

likit, Apr 6, 10:40am
Those private enterprises employ staff

brightlights60, Apr 6, 12:39pm
Not nowadays. It used to be that big ticket concerts would only go to the North Island and shipping their crew and gear accross the strait is what cost the money. Nowadays they fly in with their own planes. If Christchurch had a covered stadium, they would do a 2 city tour here and well worth the money spent. Christchurch is still the second biggest city in NZ. Dunedin only has a population of 120,000, Christchurch is over 400,000.
I used to be against the idea of a large amount being spent on a covered stadium, but after going down there for that concert, and remembering all the years we froze out butts off in mid winter watching Rugby at "Jade" (and a host of other names it had) I think it would be a big investment. If they hadn't wasted all that money on the Town Hall dinosaur, we could have had it by now.
And I agree, we need better methods of transport, light rail from the outer city to the inner would be great and they need to think about then when they do build a new stadium.

slimgym, Apr 6, 2:03pm
yes read that letter in the press the CCC and trains services were slow on the up take there. Just image riding that train down.

tygertung, Apr 6, 2:58pm
It would be a 'bullet' train like they have in Japan. Would stop to pick up punters at Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru etc, Would have a pie and beer car so you can get your beer and sausage roll.

jules286, Apr 7, 10:33am
We traveled down from Christchurch for the concert it was great.
I heard that Railway were contacted when it was first announced that tickets went on sale, didn't do anything. I use to travel on the train from Invercargill and Christchurch a lot, then when I had children I use to travel on the all night train. In days gone by they use to put trains on for special events. There appears to be a backward movement of logicality nowadays.
I say keep it in Dunedin the crowds are bigger, as you also get the Southlanders and people from Central attending, there is wealth in these areas.
Its not that far to travel by car from Christchurch to Dunedin BUT, why have 100 km hour, when you get to every town and city that's a 50km bottleneck. Usually the last passing lane before any town etc was bottled necked on two lanes. A usual 4hr 20min trip with stopping breaks turned in to a 6 hr 30 with no stopping breaks.
Plus the amount of people driving would often be driving at 90 kms an hour, and then when it came to a passing lane they would speed up to 120k ?
Dunedin can entertain so much better than Christchurch, its by far more vibrant. Plus I'm going to move to Southland way better than here, cheaper housing no bitter cold wind that gets in to your bones, no hard frosts, no stupid Council tree plantings on berms that keep our houses shaded and cold, no visual pollution like Christchurch, cleaner streets etc etc. (I'm a Southlander sorry) Do you know I can buy three quality houses (warmer etc) in Invercargill for the price of mine here. Sell here and retire with savings.

tygertung, Apr 9, 5:33am
That's right, if we had the train going it would be a lot better and of course you are correct, people will be coming all over from otago and southland. Not just Christchurch.
It is surprising about the passing lanes though, I should have thought it would be better to slow down to 80 if you are going 90 normally to allow more people to pass.

cagivachick1, Apr 27, 5:39pm
the thing is they dont want you to pass they want to hold everybody up. doing their bit for road safety

tygertung, Apr 28, 4:35am
When I am doing my bit for economy and driving at 95 I always slow down on passing lanes to allow more people to pass.

loose.unit8, Apr 28, 5:44am
What's wrong with Westpac Trust Stadium in Chch? I've been to heaps of concerts there

slimgym, Apr 28, 5:49am
so have I not good when you are sitting on the side turning neck all night.

slimgym, Apr 28, 5:52am
The carpark would have lights on all night, security, cleaners all the time etc, where as the stadium would only have all that when in use.

slimgym, Apr 28, 5:53am
how much would a train cost, cant even afford to get light rail from Rolleston or Rangiora

bligh, Apr 28, 9:09am
That's understandable, if you are doing 95k.

loose.unit8, Apr 28, 9:32am
Oh fair enough. I've never sat down at a concert there. I try to avoid seated areas at concerts. Everyone gets up and dances anyway

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