Wet Press again!

catdog68, May 23, 6:55am
Soaking wet even though it's wrapped up in plastic - now drying in front of fire. Hopeless, will ring and complain today! Anyone else have this problem when it rains, can't just be me?

traykuku, May 23, 7:30am
Better way is to contact the Press on their facebook page. All you will get if you ring is an answer service in the Philippines.

jills3, May 23, 7:44am
Yes here in Ak our Herald is often soaking wet even though wrapped in plastic, we put it in microwave to dry, sure is annoying and they just put up price in AK

billsmith, May 25, 9:13pm
Improve your life. Cancel the Press. Thousands have and are pleased with their decision.

peoplespace, May 25, 9:26pm
Did it years ago. No regrets. When they phone every year or two looking for a resubscription I tell them that we cancelled because of their poor journalism quality.

tmg, May 25, 9:49pm
Not much better here -- NZME's 'Hawkes Bay Yesterday' delivery bods in these parts seem to have forgotten what any sort of waterproof wrapping looks like . even when they are delivering in the rain . ;-)

Hopeless !

eddiedean1, May 25, 10:10pm
Catdog. Catdog. Alone in the world was a little catdog!

joe9010, May 29, 6:37pm
Yes regular occurrence at our place. Complain every time, nothing changes. Tried for a re-delivery, no replacement paper arrives. Will be cancelling soon.

catdog68, May 29, 9:26pm
Did contact Press and they said they will double wrap it if raining. Well, wet paper twice since. Did get credit for wet one so back on the phone tomorrow. Yes, should cancel the bloody paper as it's nowhere as good as it used to be!

kiwi_neil, May 30, 10:18am
Seems to affect all papers. Don Post here in wgtn is often wet inside the bag on a rainy day. I cancelled sub recently. Delivery is very poor. Is delivered by someone in a car. As car passes the paper is hurled in the general direction of our house. Paper can be found anywhere between the gutter and the house. After the recent downsize it now resembles a tabloid.

buyit59, May 30, 4:38pm
to #10 . If you have over 120km to travel and 900+ papers to throw how would you propose to do it . Bearing in mind that you pay less to get it delivered to (or near) your driveway than you do when you buy it at nearest dairy and I presume you would not want to pay more if the old solution of kids on bikes was used. With regard to wet papers here in CHC a new type of plastic is being trialed and it is hoped to resolve most of these issue . As a delivery person I don't want you to get a wet paper either and Fairfax are working on it be assured .

pitchfork, Jun 2, 5:55am
Just cancel the silly paper. picked up a free Star yesterday and its a much better paper in my opinion!
A no brainer. goodbye The Press!

slimgym, Jun 13, 7:53am
press wet how can it be wet wrapped in plastic.
rang, OMG, all the push this button, push that button, finally get to the overseas operator and I have to go through it all again, name rank cereal number. back to the sudoku book.

this could be the straw keep to the star

bottynoodle, Jun 13, 8:53am
Cereal number? I'll have to check my weetbix box in case they need it when I ring.Hopefully they won't put me up against the wall and shot me if my cereal number is too wet to read!

rob312, Jun 13, 10:58am
Ours was in a heavier plastic today and it was bone dry! Miraculous! Thank you Press.

slimgym, Jun 13, 12:40pm
cereal number, I burnt my bacon while on the phone to them that's what I could have been thinking of haha

paulmc, Jun 14, 1:03am
Hopefully they aren't cereal killers!

Ours was half wet. Been worse but bring back the old rolled up in plastic days I say.

fineo, Jun 18, 12:44pm
Dam I've just seen the size of the Press.
He'll its no bigger than the local free papers .
It had $2.40 on it, surely not.

slimgym, Oct 6, 2:51pm
yes but the local free papers only come out once a week, might be a different story if they were daily

I wonder if the plastic is the good plastic

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