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maugrim, Apr 14, 7:01pm
when will Canterbury be recovered? are we not now just whinging about stuff that happened years ago? poor Auckland had a huge storm. let's focus on that.

foal30, Apr 14, 7:39pm
It's not even the tip of the iceberg

In 50 years time our great-grandchildren will curse us for letting John and Gerry run the 'rebuild'.

mme, Apr 14, 8:25pm
Haha windup I'm sure!

mme, Apr 14, 8:29pm
We didn't much choice with them being the Govmunt at the time.

cagivachick1, Apr 14, 8:38pm
you think JaSinda and twitford would do better

tygertung, Apr 15, 11:03am
The rebuild here is slower than has been seen in other places.

jkp58, Apr 15, 11:14am
thats because we had 3 years of seriously high after shocks or have you forgotten that

jonners2013, Apr 15, 1:02pm
there has actually been a phenomenal amount of progress but I guess a lot of it is unseen infrastructure that the average fool can't see.

tygertung, Apr 15, 1:35pm
There has been an enormous amount of underground infrastructure damaged which is tricky to repair.

There has had to be new ways of building designed and implemented to ensure reliability for future earthquakes. Takes a long time. Issue is the reluctance of insurers etc to actually pay out. It took several years for a lot of the demolitions to actually start.

k-i-n-g, Apr 17, 9:01am
The effects are still ongoing and will be for quite some time.

-weasel-, Apr 17, 1:29pm
Recovering infrastructure sure. But mentally Christchurch isn't close to recovering. So many studies have come out showing the effects even of babies in utero during and post EQ. Christchurch will be dealing with the EQ for decades I think.
The constant road works, often being done more than once are a frustration and reminder and I don't think the CBD will go back to the way it was for many years. If you can't see the impact perhaps you are the fool?

tygertung, Apr 18, 4:03am
The pubs are opening back up in town now. Maybe it's time to get the after midnight buses going again? My father had to walk all the way to Sumner the other day after my brother's stag do.

jonners2013, Apr 18, 12:47pm
Settle down there, you've completely got the wrong end of the stick. I didn't say or even suggest that I'm not seeing the impact.

And you're spot on re the ongoing mental impact on us Cantabrians. That will last a generation I reckon.

mme, Apr 22, 6:47pm
Doing better already without Brownlee at the helm!

You don't seem know much about it when PM Adern & Twyford's portfolios have little to do with the earthquake recovery.

mme, Apr 22, 7:07pm
tyger why didn't you double him home!

We lived in Sumner for 7yrs before about 17yrs ago we moved into town so my son could go to the highschool of his & our choice. Last bus home was @ 11pm so we had to get a taxi any later than that.

barneymiller, Apr 22, 7:45pm
wow the national government makes a major cock up and you act like a child making stupid names.
Must be so frustrating for you to see the new government spending all that money on things you don’t like. I bet it winds you up.
I think labour has been handed such a mess they have re-evaluate everything.

cagivachick1, Apr 22, 9:39pm
its great fun spending other peoples money unfortunatly eventually they run out of it

dottyone1, Apr 22, 10:12pm
Most People knew that it would take 30 years at least for Christchurch recovery, Then there was Kaikoura last year, Christchurch is a mainly tourist city with Hotels and conferences providing lots of disposable dollars, but not anymore.

david_270, Apr 22, 10:20pm
The problem of poorly scoped and repaired homes is Gerry's legacy. Its only now that the "on-solds" are becoming an issue, yet Gerry was warned about it early on.
Its all potentially much bigger than the leaky homes fiasco, which again was partly created by the politicians.
What was also underestimated was the level of stress & shock on the population, PTSD, which has been reflected in the increasing demands on the mental health services - at the same time that the Ministry of Health and Coleman were at war with the CDHB, and cutting funding as the demands were growing.

mme, Apr 22, 10:38pm
I think he's a troll barney. The PM & Twyford's portfolio have little to do with the EQ recovery. Just ignore him.

tygertung, Apr 23, 5:52am
Well I couldn't drive as I had been drinking and had caught the earlier bus home to Cashmere. I never knew he was going to walk! He said he wanted the exercise anyway.

mme, Apr 24, 11:47pm
I was just having you on. I guess you can't be in charge of a bike after drinking. I remember biking up to Sign Of Tahake aged 17 on an old one speed no problem. I doubt I'd get half way up there on my 24 speed Mtn bike now.

autumnwinds, Apr 24, 11:57pm
Kinda gives a whole new meaning to "GERRYbuilt", doesn't it?
** jerry-built:
1869, English dialect jerry "bad, defective," perhaps a pejorative use of the male nickname Jerry (a popular form of Jeremy), or from nautical slang jury "temporary," which came to be used of all sorts of makeshift and inferior objects **
**What is a jerry built house?
The house was new but jerry-built, reeked of drains, and swarmed with vermin. . The expression “jerry-built” is applied to houses built badly and of inferior materials, and run up by a speculative builder.**

Not a saying you hear often these days, but these revelations might just put it back in style. !

Hiya maugrim - good to see you're still around.
(waves to mme, too)

tygertung, Apr 25, 6:14am
Well what are they going to do? Take your bicycle license off you?

slimgym, Apr 25, 11:39am
why did he not ride his bike on the cycle way, even if he had been drinking I am sure he would have been ok on his bike on the cycle way
how many people were walking to sumner at that hour, would it be economical to put a bus on just for him.

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