Anybody know where Icecream Charlie is in the city

carol113, Dec 11, 10:55am
Was in Victoria square .But there are roadworks down there.So not sure if they have moved there cart somewhere else in the city.

peanuts37, Dec 11, 11:32am

carol113, Dec 11, 1:04pm
What a shame. Such great weather for Icecream to!

thebuzzyone, Dec 11, 4:13pm
She was there last Friday afternoon - further down Armagh St past Colombo but on the southern side of the road. Parked up on the footpath.
Don't know if it's a regular spot - but that's where she was approx midday Fri the 8th.

craftylady1, Dec 11, 4:18pm
yum. now i want one

carol113, Dec 11, 4:52pm
oh yay. Thanks so much. Will wonder down at lunchtime and get dessert!

rob312, Nov 7, 9:04am
Seems to regularly be in Armagh St in front of the little green area next to the Piano.

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