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hayster94, May 15, 11:45am
It's undrinkable in burnside, you may as well be drinking water straight out of a pool. I've been buying bottled water instead.

Did anyone else see this?

geoone, May 15, 5:10pm
The water in Avonhead is so disgusting I have resorted to buying bottled water until I get a filter. Even the dog is turning its nose up!

planespotterhvn, May 23, 9:51pm
Where did this bullshyte emanate from?
No attribution of its source came from the article.
It seemed to be a statement of fact.

"The smell and taste of chlorinated water is caused by chloramine, which is formed when chlorine binds with organic compounds such as bacteria or algae."

When I looked at Wikipedia on the subject of Chloramine, the definition is the treatment of water with a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia.
When I open a bottle of Janola bleach it certainly smells like chlorine, I doubt if there has been any organic matter to react with in the Bleach bottle.
Any chemists with opinions on this subject?

Christchurch Water Chlorination. It appears we have been overdosed to the levels normal in a public swimming pool. Perhaps Chlorination experts from Christchurch were only accustomed to dosing swimming pools as the aquifer water did not require chlorination.

tomber, May 23, 10:19pm
In Edgeware. Its horrible. None of us can drink it (even my son who notices nothing). The bathroom smells of it some days after the shower has been going. My daughter has irritated skin and says she keeps feeling sick. I think they have done something wrong, I have never had such bad water before.

hidecote01, May 24, 5:22am
I agree the council have stuffed something up. I am on to my second filter in the filter jug. Can't drink the water without it and my psoriasis has flared up due to showering in it.

planespotterhvn, May 24, 3:18pm
Bunnings has an in-store pool analysis service. You have to get one of their special jars, fill it with tap water and see how much extra chlorine it needs to be a swimming pool level.

mme, May 26, 5:40pm
I had to tip my plunger coffee out today even though it was made from reboiled water that had been in the fridge for 2 days.

I've used up all my supplies of earthquake water so I had buy some today.
Everyone I stopped to talk today said it was undrinkable.

I even had a taste of the blue Italian sparkling wine as I said I'll try it if it doesn't have chlorine in it!

I asked, I think it was the owner who putting out more boxes of water, which was the cheapest one. He said we shouldn't be having to buy water.

The young guy at the checkout said they used a water filter jug which was bought from Mitre 10.

We are likely buying back our own water that's been taken by that Chinese Water Bottling Co in Belfast!

Not a happy camper! We are in North Richmond.

gpg58, May 26, 10:45pm
But at least, as far as i am aware, water in nz has not got traces of pharmaceuticals in it, or has it? - 41 million Americans, are unwilling drug takers(traces of).

likit, May 27, 2:32pm
Another reason to live in the east

mme, May 27, 4:31pm
I just looked at label of the bottled water I bought yesterday. It's Kiwi Blue & the co who owns it is Coca Cola. Fk!

mme, May 28, 6:27pm

Hmm the dose of chlorine at 27 of the 53 pump stations being treated would be reduce but they don't say which!

brightlights60, May 29, 9:45am
Bought a bench top filter and chiller unit from 1-day deals. Bliss.

mme, May 29, 7:35pm
How much was that brightlights?

tahmoh, May 29, 8:03pm
I made a post a few weeks back, after purchasing a 'screw-on to tap' type filter on TradeMe. It was a bit fiddly to get on, due to my inability to follow drawn pictures as opposed photos in the instructions. I'm not sure why they don't provide photos but it's a common problem. It took me a few minutes, after spraying water all over the window and myself but eventually, my brain engaged and I used the correct additional part that was included, and I haven't looked back. It's called â„¢Crystal Clear and cost me $15. Another member has dropped their price from $40 down to $30. The $15 one comes with x2 additional filters. Yes, there's a lot of plastic involved with filters, but considering how many bottles of water I'd be purchasing during the six month life of each filter (3 filters = 18 months) I think it's the best choice for our household and environment at this point. So far, so pleased.

wahinetoa62, Jun 17, 11:58am
ours doesn't so my kids love a nice cold drink of water when they visit

schnauzer11, Jun 17, 2:19pm
For those on the south side of town there's good artesian water readily available. The street along the river, opposite the Beckenham CCC/library. Can't think of the name, starts with 'E'. There's a pipe running. Great water. Depending when you go there may be a queue!

tygertung, Oct 11, 12:47pm
Ernlea Terrace probably.

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