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lyndad59, May 10, 6:50pm
YES :( It's dry & breaking

samanya, May 10, 6:59pm
Are you sure about that?
I'm in the Hurunui district as far as water supply goes (Waimak for everything else) & the water here is not chlorinated (yet) . maybe it's from a different well?

foamyone, May 10, 7:16pm
No no, it has all of those and smells really.

Don't move to Rangiora anyone. ;)

samanya, May 10, 8:50pm
I agree, Rangiora is bursting at the seams . no room ;o)

k-i-n-g, May 11, 3:34pm
You always wash in chemicals.

moodybleu, May 11, 4:19pm
Its yuk in Belfast. some days are worse than others. Bought a filter jug too.

tygertung, May 11, 5:15pm
And it seems funny how they are bottling the water in Belfast.

samanya, May 11, 5:46pm
Yeah that's another story, innit . let's ask Lianne why?

gsimpson, May 11, 7:26pm
The smell of a chlorinated pool is not due to chlorine. This smell is due to substances called chloramines. These form when the chlorine in the pool reacts with substances like sweat, oil and makeup carried into the pool on people's bodies.
So if you can smell it, it has done it's job. That is there was contamination that needed dealing to.
If you have a problem with the smell then get a carbon activated filter. You then have both a safe water supply and one that tastes fine.

moodybleu, May 11, 9:16pm
Very good point. I actually had forgotten about that. Its only down the road from me!

slimgym, May 12, 4:54am
its horrible its like living in Hanmer springs

booksnstuff, May 14, 2:14pm
Living in Ilam here and the smell and taste is very noticeable. Bottled water here in the interim until we decide whether or not to invest in a bench top type filter or one for the whole house. That said, have found marked differences in bottled water. Homebrand and SIgnature Range bottled water have various degrees of chloride in them. ANd while I understand this is an ion difference from chlorine, what I don't understand is the bottled water being sold as pure/spring/still water with chloride in it.

supersapper, May 14, 2:59pm
We are reminded of earthquake days when our relatives would visit us out in Selwyn District to take home many bottles of lovely water from our well. Now we are living in Halswell and we visit relatives who have a filter on their taps and bring home bottles of water for drinking because ours tastes so nasty.

craftylady1, May 14, 3:10pm
I am also in Ilam, and have found the smell has become very distinct. Turning the shower on is yuk. Fortunately, we bought a fridge freezer last year that has a filtered water thingy on the front of the door. Im sure I noticed the washing from the washing machine smelt like chlorine the other day. The fresh air got rid of the smell.

booksnstuff, May 14, 4:28pm
I had a long needed bath a couple of days ago and the smell in the bathroom was like the swimming pools. But the bath was so nice lol. Conflicted a little. May I also ask approximately what area of Ilam. We are near Villa.

hidecote01, May 14, 4:34pm
I listened to our mayor on ZB this morning. Doesn't smell at her place. She would like people to facebook the council or go on twitter to inform the council where it is bad around the city.

craftylady1, May 14, 4:55pm
Near burnside park

hidecote01, May 14, 5:36pm
Do they still pump water out of ground in the park. There was a big water tower there.

lyndad59, May 14, 6:12pm
I thought she was very rude about the whole thing :( She just doesn't seem to listen

hidecote01, May 14, 6:30pm
Yes she's not what I consider a good mayor. She treats us like a bunch of kids.

craftylady1, May 14, 6:47pm
Hidecote. the water tower is still there. it features in some of my wedding photos taken 38 years ago. I think our water comes from there? But its still chlorinated.

hidecote01, May 14, 6:52pm
Did you get married in Avonhead? I got married at St Christopher's Church.

craftylady1, May 15, 5:33am
No. I got married at St Andrews College Chapel.

I do some work for St Christophers currently. Did Mike Hawke conduct your wedding ceremony?

hidecote01, May 15, 6:37am
No I was married in 1975 and Rev Hugh Thomson was there then.

craftylady1, May 15, 6:47am
Been a few vicars there since he was there.

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