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stefanie1, May 4, 5:43pm
ok so does anyone else water does not smell or taste different? Or is ours not chlorinated because my children say you sure can smell the chlorine at different kids houses .

farwest, May 4, 5:53pm
Mine doesn't - but then, I live in Dunedin, which has had chlorinated water for decades. Perhaps the taste and smell are caused by chlorine producing chloramines in your pipes?

jonners2013, May 4, 7:20pm
The water from my place in Bishopdale doesn't smell, nor does the water in rentals in Papanui or Cashmere.

ETA - I will admit that I grew up and have lived in a number of places other than Christchurch, all of which had chlorinated water, so perhaps I am less sensitive about this issue.

golfaholic2, May 4, 7:28pm
Our is fine in North Brighton . tho I thought it was a little different a few weeks ago , but that was probably the flu I was experiencing .

bassmo1, May 4, 9:41pm
I don't know how the council is managing the dosing of the water, remember, this is new to them, they may be experimenting.

likit, May 4, 11:18pm
Can’t smell or taste it in Parklands, my son is renting in Fendalton & says theirs is disgusting.

paulmc, May 5, 1:16am
Thought I could only just taste something in Papanui water a week ago but seems to be back to normal now. Can taste chlorine slightly in Riccarton but the water is still drinkable.

paulmc, May 6, 1:52am
Had a meal less than 1 km away from home in Papanui. The chlorine was quite noticeable there but barely noticeable at home. It's surprising how much difference there is in water quality going only a few blocks down the road.

jamesnmatt, May 6, 1:18pm
ours doesn't - and this will be why for us:

amrist, May 6, 1:56pm
see that doco the other night Coast Australia ? out west they have salt mining , mountains of it . they extract chlorine and dump it in water supplies . theyre not going to stop salt mining any time soon so get used to the taste

smc72, May 6, 9:37pm
We just moved from Avonhead where it is heavily chlorinated, smelt and tasted horrid (like pool water). Now in Bishopdale, barely a hint of chlorine!

gpg58, May 6, 9:51pm
Fine in kaiapoi - pines beach

lyndad59, May 6, 10:10pm
We live in Avonhead & it's terrible :(

tygertung, May 7, 5:08am
Was down at Mount Pleasant yesterday and it was much stronger.

lm446, May 7, 10:28pm
Mine smells of asparagus.

david_270, May 7, 10:31pm
Can smell the chlorine in the shower in the morning. Huntsbury.
Run drinking water through a filter.

coverdrive, May 7, 11:21pm
Making a cup of tea with chlorinated water is awful. So I went looking for a solution. I found a Brita Optimax 8.5 litre water filter ($79 at Bunnings Tower Junction, Riccarton) and it is just great. It sits on the benchtop. Comes with three filters in the pack. Just fill with water from the tap, it runs through the carbon filter into a large see through compartment and you can drink it straight away. Brilliant.

lyingnun, May 8, 9:45am
I can't smell or taste any difference in New Brighton

meandtheworld, May 8, 9:54am
cant smell or taste anything in edgeware but when was in avonside, after the quakes, it was over powering so i know what im meant to be smelling and i cant smell it now

tony9, May 8, 11:54am
Ours is chlorinated in the Hurunui, but cannot taste or smell it from taps. Can get a whiff of Chlorine in our big tank.

We moved from Christchurch a year ago and have noticed no difference except that the water is a bit softer and the shower does not get water spots.

coverdrive, May 8, 12:06pm
lyingnun. New Brighton and Prestons pump stations are above ground so not chlorinated. See Jamesnmatt posted link above

calista, May 9, 3:27pm
Woolston - the chlorine in the water is so strong you can smell it after you've flushed the loo, or when running a bath. I'm also beginning to regret having a shower dome.

For my first cup of tea in the morning I use bottled water, but I'm getting a jug as I feel guilty about the extra bottles in the yellow bin.

The drinking fountain in the Bus Interchange has non-chlorinated water.

slimgym, May 10, 7:08am
Is anyone else having problems with their hair now that we are washing in chemicals?

tygertung, May 10, 6:14pm
What effect does it have on the environment now that tens of thousands of litres (if not more) of bleach are being poured into the sea every day?

makinmoney, May 10, 6:45pm
Move to Rangiora - all the big brand shops, none of the traffic, cheaper housing, lots of work - NO CHLORINE

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