Christchurch Cathedral Progress ?

martin11, Jun 7, 8:53am
When are we going to see a start on the rebuilding of the Cathedral in the Square ?

slimgym, Jun 7, 12:13pm
well considering half of the $300 million that was given to help with these things, has gone to pay for the town hall, probably never

craftylady1, Jun 7, 6:24pm
I reckon the powers that be, are procrastinating until it falls down on its own, or is uneconomical to repair.

martin11, Jun 8, 7:29am
Totally different funding for the town hall .

slimgym, Jun 8, 11:49pm
mm well we hope so

jonners2013, Jun 9, 7:35am
It’s basically finished. Looking good.

bassmo1, Jun 9, 10:40am
I won't be following that, it's a waste of money. Pull the thing down and start again.

brightlights60, Jun 9, 2:16pm
Its all just a heap of crap. All the committeeing, all the hoohaa, all the posturing, and nothing has been done. Bulldoze the eyesore. Would love to know where all the money, insurance, government hand out, council hand out has gone and how much has been spent doing absolutely about the Christchurch "icon". What an absolute joke.

olwen, Jun 9, 3:09pm
Jim Anderton has gone, no-one wants it now.

martin11, Jun 10, 8:10am
Government and the Council I believe have not fronted up yet with the money until a start is made on the restoration .

tygertung, Jun 10, 9:51am
I would like to see it repaired. They rebuilt all those ones in Germany to original after the war so why can't we have ours rebuilt too? Ours is in much better condition than theirs were too.

wrinkles56, Jun 15, 9:31pm
Get a good dozer and knock it over. It is a diagrace.

r.g.nixon, Oct 6, 4:59pm
Sell the bricks off as souveniers. could be worth a million bucks!

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