Crafty - SOFIA

coralsnake, May 30, 3:45pm
Is due in.

craftylady1, May 31, 12:10pm
Thanks for that coral. googled tosee if I could find her schedule then had to attend to something else. When is she due to appear?

coralsnake, May 31, 4:16pm
The msge I received was June 01 between 11am and 1pm poss 2pm depending on how long they were in Hickam [Hawaii] for and would be updating during the flight.
If you go to the likes of flightradar or flightaware their flight plan should be up and running.

You can subscribe to the likes of flightaware using NASA747 to get a notice of their planned flights when they have filed a flight plan then once airborne you can watch the flight's progress.

They do have a link through NASA but haven't got it handy to post.

coralsnake, May 31, 4:39pm
Sorry the flight plan will only be up and running once they have filed - at this stage the PDM-HIK plan is not up. THEN type in NASA747 in the top search menu.
Subscribe and if you have given an email address you will receive a notification.

As you will see she hasn't long gone back to PMD from Hamburg, Germany where she went for scheduled maintenance but they found other problems so she spent much more time there.

I'll drag the NASA link out later [it's on another compuer].

craftylady1, May 31, 6:51pm
Yes, I read she had been unwell. thanks for the links

coralsnake, May 31, 8:30pm
Big ooooppppssss I made a boo boo - arrival is JUNE 02.
I am trying to program events relating to June 01 and 02 and had them mixed up!

I see several similarities between SOFIA and the Kuiper as far as breakdowns go!

craftylady1, Jun 2, 7:12am
She is on the way. was doing my usual FR look, and there she is. just north of Tonga. That was 0710 Saturday.

tygertung, Jun 8, 6:59am
Is there now. Saw yesterday when we flew in.

craftylady1, Oct 8, 11:00am
Have been watching her in the wee small hours coming home to rosy after a little ng night

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