Temp Accommodation for EQC Work

shakirafan, May 10, 3:15pm
accommodation for approximately 3 weeks, in chch?

Would a real estate agent be the best option or are there dedicated companies?

I know EQC have a team but I’d like to look as well.


gammycontent, May 10, 3:25pm
Three weeks is quite short - maybe one of the Holiday parks that have cabins?

articferrit, May 10, 3:28pm
what about house sitting? People I know who needed short term accommodation ended up in a motel.

shakirafan, May 10, 3:40pm
We’re 2 adults, a 2 year old and a cat so housesitting and cabins probably aren’t suitable.

But thanks for the suggestions.

shakirafan, May 12, 8:44am
Anyone else have ideas?

kiwin992, May 12, 11:40am
Look on line at Holiday Homes maybe?

BillCornelius, May 12, 2:01pm
Google Christchurch Rental Property Managers one of them may well have something they would like to fill between tenancies. You would need to sort out with them the termination clauses contained in the Residential Tenancies Act , where theres a will theres a way.

dottyone1, May 24, 9:18am
Back packers Celtic are one you could truy

happinessis, May 24, 3:07pm
All the people that have stayed with us found us via bookabach. Try there.

mme, May 26, 6:20pm
I stayed in Bookbach for 5 weeks while my house was getting the EQ repairs.
If you have content insurance they pay up to @ $150 a night, maybe more for more ppl as the man was working out of town at the time. The bookabach was $130 a night.

shakirafan, Oct 9, 6:10pm
Cool thanks guys.

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