Anyone still up?

starbursting, Jun 17, 1:56am
I've been hearing birds chirping for about 4 hours tonight and the last few weeks. Never heard birds talking at night before.
Anyone else heard this? It's actually really cool.

jules286, Jun 17, 12:14pm
Yes I heard the bird song during the night as well, and it was so beautiful that I wanted to stay awake. It was indeed cool.

slimgym, Jun 17, 4:11pm
funny you mentioned that I had to go to the small room the other morning about 530 and they were chirping away, then we saw a hedgehog, I thought they should be sleeping the winter away by now

barbiedoll, Jun 17, 4:45pm
I saw a hedgehog running around last Sunday night too. Maybe it's not cold enough. Also hear the birdsong early in the morning. Lovely. Saw two trees in blossom this morning. St Peters Churchyard, Church Corner.

starbursting, Jun 17, 11:57pm
The birds are at it again, birds I don't hear during the day. It very odd, but its cool to hear them. Is it a sign?

tygertung, Oct 6, 12:02pm
They usually hibernate during the winter, a shorter period than in Europe though as it is much warmer here.
Despite being an invasive predator (They eat all the native endangered insects, leaving none for the endangered birds) they are quite cute.
One hedgehog can eat the insect population of 2 hectares!

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