Land based fishing around Canterbury?

speedwayfan1, Nov 27, 6:53pm
Hi all

I haven't been fishing in years and really want to get back into it. However my problem is where to go? I don't want to be losing loads of gear dealing with the sea weed at spots like black rock for example, or deal with inconsiderate people and crowds on the New Brighton pier.

I'm already aware of Birdlings flat, Amberley beach, mouth of the Waimak, I guess the usual spots. Are there any locations in lyttleton still open to the public? Further into other bays? I don't have a 4wd to access some spots, but I'm ok for travelling 2 hours or so to find a place.
I normally do bait fishing, but have spinners I want to try my hand at. Trying to avoid surf casting if I can but it maybe the go. Not interested in fly fishing. Going to be picking up a license just so I'm covered. I'm not super fussed on what I want to catch as I'll more than likely release anyway, but I really want to catch kahawai.

david_270, Nov 27, 7:53pm
Plenty of kahawhai around at the moment. Have a look at Kairaki a couple of hours before low tide. And for surfcasting there are lots of ele's being caught.

speedwayfan1, Dec 1, 5:21pm
Thanks, might give it a go tomorrow morning. not too keen on the heat though so I won't be sticking around!

golfaholic2, Dec 1, 9:26pm
Heat wont be an issue if surf casting . the species off most beaches retreat to deeper waters a few hours after sun up , as a rule

Go left at black rock . weed free .
There are many spots around the peninsula that offer blue cod and even trumpeter .

The link above will certainly be helpful

cantabman1, Nov 8, 10:50am
Tentburn/Teawamutu on the south side of Lake Ellismere can be great when turning to the nor west.
As well as kahawai,rig and Elephant fish, if you fish near the southern end where the water comes out, you can catch salmon. It is one of those places where you just gotta follow your nose to get there, but along the way, you will see signs.You start out on the south side of Leeston on the edge of town turning left.

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