Christchurch Documentary - life before quakes

ohdear_red, Jul 16, 4:10am
Hi everyone,

I'm creating a short documentary on Christchurch life pre-earthquakes, and thought some people may be interested in being interviewed. Check out my website for more info or get in touch if you'd like to share a story of your life before the natural disasters.

Kate Tovey

martin11, Jul 16, 11:14pm
Hope you do a better job than the rubbish that was on TV about the quakes a while ago done by that lady up north . Total fiction it was "Hope and Wire " by Gayle Preston

jonners2013, Jul 16, 11:37pm
you mean the one that was a drama? it was never portrayed as a documentary.

kerry22, Jul 17, 6:55am
Some dramas are based on fact. This one was based on stereotypes and prejudice. Very insulting to christchurch people

jonners2013, Jul 17, 6:58am
yes exactly, a dramatisation of events ie NOT a documentary. i didn't find it insulting but it was in poor taste and not very well done.

mbos, Jul 17, 9:00am
Yup. That one was exploiting fact, and making a truly lazy, stereotype laden load of codswallop. If she does anything other than go beetroot with embarrassment any old time it comes up, I feel truly sorry for her.

ohdear_red, Dec 4, 1:18pm
I haven't seen the Hope & Wire - but maybe I should! My doco will take a very different view - more about the great parts of Christchurch that we all love, and need to remember. lots of loss has occurred over the last few years and I want to create something that will remind us of what Christchurch used to be like. Get in touch on my facebook page if you want to know more!

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