Photo's of Dalington bridge

bandrach, Sep 11, 5:38am
Does anyone have any pic's to share for my daughter school presentation? Before quakes, straight after the quakes or being rebuilt. Anything is welcome. Thanks

wayne416, Sep 11, 7:36am

bandrach, Sep 11, 8:18am
That's fantastic thank you

maryannenz, Sep 11, 10:53am
Hi, I have a couple of pictures from the recent opening event of the new bridge. Do you still need some more pics?

rach636, Sep 11, 8:50pm
Thanks maryannenz, all sorted now but I appreciate the offer

jamie2016, May 20, 4:44pm
a repair in christchurch that took almost 10 years to fix as with anywhere else like auckland would have been sorted in 10 days. hmm ,isin't that where all the corrupt politians live - ''go-figure! ''-

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