LD proposes special earthquake road repair levy

jerry1018, Jun 22, 5:30am
Maybe this was one of the take-aways from the recent China trip.


Does anyone know where Ms. Conde-Nast is off to next @ our expense?

pandai, Jun 22, 5:39am
No, the reason for this is because the Government are not being as helpful as expected.

pezarointeriors, Jun 22, 5:44am
Cause not. Their saving up for the new cars. $200k BMWs again? Don't worry though, they got a discount!

jerry1018, Jun 22, 6:00am
For some reason (and thankfully Labour got eviscerated at last election) if Cunloof was PM now this new 'levy' would not be required.

A more appropriate term maybe would be: "Mayor's Personal Staff levy" or "Mayor's travel budget levy", "Hire more consultants levy" ? which do you prefer?

pandai, Jun 22, 6:17am
You mean the cars that come under the contractual agreement the previous Labour government went into?

cassina1, Jun 22, 6:48am
It probably would not be needed if they did not dig them up over and over again. A question needs to be asked as to how many more redigs there will be.

cloffie, Jun 22, 10:39am
Cassina where is the like button.
power-phone water sewerage =some roads and footpaths have been dug up 4 times -and then there are the majors like Bridge street where they got the levels wrong and had to redo sewers all over again.
Sink holes appearing on repairs where the road hasn't been tamped down enough before re sealing[words of a road worker]

kiwiguy100, Apr 22, 3:12pm
It doesn't seem fair, when elderly people on fixed incomes and people who do not drive have to find more money for ever increasing rates.
All NZ Councils desperately need to cut their cloth accordingly and start saving.
I am certain that there are many worthwhile pet-projects on the wish lists of various lobby groups but sorry, Christchurch just can't afford them at the moment.
If road repairs really require extra funding, introduce a temporary petrol levy. This way the actual road users (incl. tourists) will contribute to the road repairs and not the elderly lady down the road.
Christchurch's ratepayers need to realize that all these rate increases are compounding and an 8% increase for 8 years, actually means a 100% increase in our rates!

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