Christchurch airport where to park for a week

shakeytown, Apr 6, 8:44am
anyone recommend a company that is cheap but secure.

robotix1970, Apr 6, 11:06am
Canterbury airport parking used to be about $17 per day or $38 for three days . feel free to give them a call

ryanm2, Apr 6, 6:57pm
Airpark Canterbury is good. 8 nights we booked with them came to $98. That includes shuttle from their parking to the airport each way.

bosch2006, Apr 6, 9:52pm
Y not taxi.probl end up being cheaper

porsh_a, Apr 6, 10:45pm
We use Airpark Canterbury and find them very good.

didee, Apr 7, 1:27am
We always use Craddocks by the airport.They drop you off and pick you up to and from the airport and offer a valet car clean service also

mss2006, Apr 7, 4:23am
Yep, go to Craddocks. Much closer (2 minutes drive from the airport). Airpark is behind the new Press building so a lot further away.

0800 PARK 4 U.

huia991, Apr 7, 6:23pm
Also have a look at the airport parking through Presto
I did a compare of all of the prices and when this came up cheapest with their deals. It's on site and I've had no problem with security.

jonners2013, Apr 8, 2:01am
either way they shuttle you, so ends up being a pretty similar timeframe really. both i've had my car scratched.

lil_tarnz, Apr 8, 7:13am
would it not be better/cheaper to park it at a friends house nearby?

red.butterfly, Apr 10, 9:34am
We parked on Memorial Ave just down from the roundabout when we went away for four weeks once. Car was absolutely fine and still went when we got back! We figured it would be OK because there seems to be a high turnover of cars (workers, other travellers, etc) and traffic.

pandai, Apr 10, 9:46am
This has been a target area for car thieves lately

macrubble, Apr 11, 10:06am
Air park Canterbury. Have used them a couple of times. They were the cheapest and only takes a few minutes for them to drive you to the airport.

jonners2013, Apr 11, 10:12pm
Super shuttle?

roshu, Apr 14, 9:38am
Compare car storage prices and Airpark wins. Very friendly and polite. Good Mercedes transport, valet if wanted etc.

pittgirl, Dec 14, 7:55am
Air Park. cant fault them . I created a bit of an issue (booked car for 2 weeks, jcircs changed and friend picked up car) they were brilliant, not issue, kept the credit and when I booked next time, they reminded me I had the credit. Nothing is a problem for them

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