How Far to Visit Snow?

xxsaffyxx, Jul 26, 6:21pm
My family are planning a snow trip today. Anybody have an idea of how far/where to go?

iwikiwi, Jul 26, 6:32pm
Shuttle buses go to Mount Hutt and Porter Heights ski fields. Just do a web search for shuttle buses to Canterbury ski fields.
Both ski fields are most probably about one to one and a half hours drive from Christchurch city.
Just do a web search for Canterbury ski fields.
Porter Heights is off the main highway to the West Coast of the South Island, and the ski field is just a short 5 minute drive off the main highway to a car park.
Mount Hutt is off the main highway down the East Coast of the South Island.

deerhurst, Jul 26, 6:32pm
Round Methven or Mt Hutt?

iwikiwi, Jul 26, 6:50pm
Might pay to ring and check whether they are open or not; before heading to a ski field. Just heard on the radio that Mt Hutt is closed due to strong wind conditions; and Porter Heights is on hold.
There are other ski fields in inland Canterbury so just do a web search for canterbury ski fields and phone before heading out to make sure they are open.

xxsaffyxx, Jul 26, 9:05pm
Thank you for great info. It's just a play the kids one - have little ones.

treecave, Jul 26, 11:05pm
there was snow at the access road to mt hutt last weekend apparently if you just want a play rather than going up to the field. think it will be windy cold and possibly raining today going by the cloud up that way

xxsaffyxx, Nov 7, 2:35pm
Yes. thanks all. After all that, the trip was cancelled.

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