Swan plants for sale in Christchurch

-weasel-, Mar 3, 8:40pm
Can someone tell me if they have seen any in the last couple of days for sale please? These Monarchs sure brighten up the place

antonios1, Mar 3, 10:34pm
Saw a sign outside a house on Springs Rd. just past Awatea Rd. corner very recently.

shakirafan, Mar 4, 2:45am
Saw some at The Warehouse Northwood.

fineo, Mar 4, 4:48pm
Kennedys Bush road just before the Quarry always have some out on the side of the road for sale.
$2.00 per plant from memory.

antonios1, Mar 5, 5:54am
Juat been down Springs Rd. Sign still there.

supra_luva, Mar 5, 11:35pm
Terra viva Roydvale ave , had some

cantabman1, Mar 8, 7:16pm
There were some big ones at Challenge service station in Milton street yesterday.[I have sold out], but have started to grow some for next season.

vic008, Mar 9, 8:31am
Do they necessarily die after they have eaten out all your plants or do they go and change into pupae

-weasel-, Mar 12, 9:34pm
They die.

Thanks guys, none at milton st, or the quarry. The ones in springs road were seedlings unfortunately.

-weasel-, Mar 12, 9:34pm
You dont know how big they were of the price by any chance?

demala, Mar 12, 10:21pm
I just saw some at Bunnings Tower Junction, nice size too! $3 something a plant .

paulmc, Mar 13, 2:13am
Oderings in Philpotts Rd sometimes have them.

-weasel-, Mar 13, 4:23am
Hmmm how long ago was that? Was told by Oderings that no Oderings had any

paulmc, Jan 2, 2:57pm
Just thought they might have some at this time of year since I bought some there about this time last year.

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