Prestons/Grimseys Rd intersection

gman35, Aug 9, 12:04am
People that live on the north side of Prestons Rd. especially must get really tired of waiting to cross that intersection at peak times (especially with the seemingly increasing amount of drivers who cannot judge oncoming traffic distances in ChCh who wait overly long for a "gap").
If there is one intersection which needs to be changed to a roundabout it must be this one !

jonners2013, Aug 9, 12:17am
traffic patterns will all change when the motorway goes through there.

tygertung, Aug 17, 6:16pm
It will take many years for them to build a motorway through there.
Look at the Ferrymead bridge. Been in work since 2005 and still not finished.

tarn146, Aug 17, 8:10pm
Try Northcote, Sawyers Arms, Greers Rd intersection at peak time! It's so dangerous!

gman35, Aug 17, 11:38pm
Yes ! Forgot about that one, suppose that makes Preston's corner look pretty quiet.
That needs a roundabout also.
As an aside, it is surprising to me that LTSA just seem to be doing traffic light intersections now, is it because the general standard of driving is so bad that they are just taking roundabout "judgement" away from us ?

lugee, Aug 19, 4:37am
Just conveniently forget to mention the earthquakes which put everything back to square 1.

lugee, Aug 19, 4:39am
Different intersections for different situations. They are still installing roundabouts at some of the busiest and fastest bits of road, eg. Southern Motorway, Johns Road.

Also it hasn't been LTSA for years; it's NZTA.

kran32, Aug 2, 2:19pm
We live on the north side of that intersection and I totally agree that a roundabout would go some way to solving the congestion issue that happens in the mornings. What also slows down the flow of traffic are those vehicles turning right in to Prestons Road. We have lived here for just over 10 years and the traffic flow has increased markedly in that period of time.

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