Craving Chinese

Hi all. can anyone recommend good Chinese in the Papanui area. I really want it for tea but can't find anywhere decent. I have a craving for roast pork fried rice or sweet and sour pork :-)

gypsy271, Aug 25, 9:06 am

People say The China Kitchen is good. Near Harewood and Main North rd corner.

shakirafan, Aug 25, 9:36 am

Most of the good/genuine Chinese places are in the southern part of the city.Daphnes, Shanxi, etc.Worth a little extra petrol.

schnauzer11, Aug 25, 12:12 pm

Definitely don't mind driving further for nice Chinese just thought maybe there was somewhere closer by.

gypsy271, Aug 25, 3:48 pm

I certainly hope you find a yummy dinner, wherever. I know what it's like to have an idea for a treat hours before the event, the mind can't shake it!

schnauzer11, Aug 25, 4:38 pm

Bensons on riccarton road is fabulous.

supersapper, Aug 25, 6:38 pm

I know an old chinese man who has a thing for easy women. He doesnt live in Papanui but he does live in Chch.
Would you like me to contact him for you?

survivalkiwi, Aug 25, 6:45 pm

its the best. try their pork dumplings also the zar choi(?) soup is amazing. good value too

dannyboy24, Aug 26, 6:16 am

Love joyful on riccarton road-

cjh1, Aug 26, 11:27 pm

in papanui, little taipei is by far the best :)

lil_tarnz, Aug 27, 1:11 am

China Kitchen . in Main North Road - a few doors along from the Harewood Road/Papanui Road/Main North Road intersection :)

porsh_a, Aug 27, 7:25 pm

mmmm i could really go some good proper Chinese, not the usual western Chinese the most places do.

jonners2013, Aug 27, 7:48 pm

Well try this place then, City Cafe Asian Cuisine, Madras St. Besides Perrys café. Authentic great tasting food.

treachug, Aug 27, 8:26 pm

great, thanks for the tip!

jonners2013, Aug 27, 8:39 pm

'Sunning' on Stanmore Rd is good

honest-reliable, Aug 27, 8:41 pm

China Kitchen. Best Chinese food i've had. Will definitely go back when we visit Ch Ch again.

jinty7, Sep 2, 10:39 pm

China kitchen is fantastic! Best dumplings yumo

mi34, Sep 3, 12:27 pm

I'll say it again-Daphne's, Church Corner.

cantabman1, Sep 3, 2:23 pm

Is Daphnes a restaurant or a buffet? And if u say its good. maybe I should take Mr C there

craftylady1, Sep 3, 2:40 pm

yummys is great, my favourite at the moment, Church Cnr

slimgym, Sep 4, 7:34 am

The Best place in town is on Colombo Street near edgeware road end,

starskey, Sep 4, 10:05 am

A restaurant, does takeaways too. Wonderful for a meal out. If some dishes look unfamiliar,(there are helpful photos) the staff take great pleasure in explaining things. It feels like being in China. One evening there was a massive Chinese wedding-party there, lots of fun! Take Mr C for a night out, crafty!

schnauzer11, Sep 4, 12:01 pm

Thanks schnauzer.

Was going to take him to Spice Paragon, but a change is as good as a holiday, so might try Daphnes

craftylady1, Sep 4, 1:23 pm

Yes. Yummys is also very good, and not expensive

craftylady1, Jun 14, 2:38 am

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