kids4ever, Aug 22, 2:05am
today around lunch time we found some car keys, waited around over 1 hour for anyone who maybe looking for them. no police station or fire service out there to hand them in. we didn't want to just leave the with anyone incase they went into the wrong hands. I am going to hand them into a police station and going to contact communications now

kids4ever, Aug 22, 2:52am
i have taken the car keys into the main Police Station in StAsaph st to be collected

craftylady1, Aug 22, 3:15am
Not loose. LOSE!

kids4ever, Aug 22, 5:04am
really political POLICE, who cares, people know what i am saying, i added the extra O to give you something to moan about as NORMAL

craftylady1, Aug 22, 6:13am
Tui ad. You added the extra O because you can't spell

jessie981, Aug 22, 6:39am
Good on you, hopefully someone will be happy. Knew what you meant even with the xtra!

kids4ever, Aug 22, 7:24am
haha, thanks, be careful , CRAFTY might come in and say you left the e out in front of xtra, lol, yes i hope someone that sees it on here and knows the person who lost the car keys :)

jessie981, Aug 22, 7:40am
Method in my message!

kids4ever, Aug 22, 8:32am
good one, lol

cardiffgirl, Aug 22, 9:36am
I lost ( and never found) my car keys at Sumner Beach in 1989.

ajm43, Aug 22, 9:49am
I left car keys and coins on tray through X-ray final check at Ch-ch airport. Didn't realize till four days later in Akl. Thinking $500 for replacement.
Nice airport people kept them safe for a week (money as well) sigh of relief!

tygertung, Aug 22, 4:17pm
Maybe they've just been found! Better check at the police station.

kids4ever, Jul 22, 4:15pm
good idea, may be still there lol

these ones weren't on the beach but near and later than an 1989 car, thats why i wouldn't leave them there and let idiots try and find it, lol

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