Kincaid's Grocery & Department Store

shop-a-holic, Jul 9, 10:21am
Question for historic reasons: Can anyone remember this store, and more specifically, when did it close down?

jamie2016, Jul 9, 11:31am

cybernan2, Jul 10, 9:06pm
I remember Kincaids/Wardells grocery store in Cashel St near High St as a child in the 1940/50's. Used to go in there with my Nana sometimes. Don't remember it being a department store. It was on the DIC side but nearer High St

jessie981, Jul 10, 9:14pm
Remember Wardells, haven't heard of Kincaids.

captaingraham, Jul 10, 9:57pm
Ask Mr google, a lot of info there.

martin11, Jan 22, 2:12pm
Perhaps this will help .

In 1955 the premises of the old established grocery business of Wardells Kincaids Ltd in Colombo Street were leased and linked to the Hereford Street Building. McKenzie & Willis went on to develop an Arcade of sixteen shops on the ground floor which included a walkway through to the premises of Whitcombe and Tombs, a leading retail bookseller and stationery company.

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