Crikey, theres heat in that sun. weird winter

i don't recall a winter like this in the last couple of decades, at least!
or am i mistaken?

felt very frazzled sitting out there just now, cracking walnuts open. even the dog looked surprised, its tongue hanging out, lol

lambrat, Aug 3, 1:16 pm

I know, its just lovely in that sun :)

bucca11, Aug 3, 1:19 pm

And we'll just get used to it, and then whammy, Mother Nature will remind us it really is still winter lol.

milo134, Aug 3, 2:40 pm

Its going to be a stinking hot Summer, going by the no Winter.

jessebird, Aug 3, 9:31 pm

We have had a Winter! Very cold but very short, more coming. This morning I was sweltering in the raised veges beds, turning over the soil then emptied my ginormous compost tumbler of about 6 months of compost into them as well. Phew. Came in and the dog was panting in the heat. It certainly was lovely.

brightlights60, Aug 5, 4:57 pm

Over the last two days, I have painted a long paling fence (6 litres of paint's worth) & I was stripped off to the 'basics' . (hasten to add that i'm rural (would have had the traffic stopped & puking at the view otherwise haaaa)
Long range forecast is for more of the !@#$%^& El Nino &as last summer . dry east coast & wet west coast. If there is a God . please prove the forecast wrong!

samanya, Aug 5, 6:59 pm

I must be living in my own little micro climate here then because I reckon it's been an absolutely freezing, miserable winter.

puddles11, Aug 5, 10:17 pm

sorry to read that! do you live surrounded by large conifer trees or similar, lol?! there have definately been several days when i've been freezing too, and had to have a very hot shower to thaw myself out, put on the scarf,woolly sox and heavy duty long uggs. but these long very fine spells of weather are both weird and wonderful (sorry to all farmers without irrigation).

lambrat, Aug 6, 1:03 am

congrats on your painting! i only thought about it,lol.
can't remember any other 'winter' when i've needed to water much of the garden. the winter vege were gasping, it looked all damp but when i stuck my finger down a few inches the soil was dry.

lambrat, Oct 4, 3:33 am

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