Eaethquake Recycled rimu cutting boards

windwhistle, Aug 26, 9:28am
I bought a cutting board a couple of years ago from Paper plus I think made from recycled rimu from Kerrs Reach Rowing club. Does anyone know where I can buy another one?

chchplastics, Aug 26, 9:38am
I got one at French bakery

windwhistle, Aug 26, 9:41am
Oh really, was it recently?

miffycat1, Aug 26, 9:46am
I saw some last weekend at Raeward Fresh on Marslands Road.

corkranb, Aug 26, 9:59am
Peter Timbs Edgware road had nice thick ones for sale for $65. Don't know if he still has them or not.

lyttelton2, Aug 26, 10:05am
The New World at South City had them 2 weeks ago.

windwhistle, Aug 26, 10:13am
Thanks all, will phone around tomorrow

zoopa, Aug 27, 1:54am
whitcoulls had them. They just are marked something along the lines of chch eq board or something. They don't seem to have where the timber cam from on it.

Would people pay the same price for one if it wasn't wood from a building bowled during, or after the eq's? They seem on the high side, price wise, to me. $65 and $90, ow

tygertung, Aug 27, 5:12am
Crikey! for $65-90 I could make a whole lot of chopping boards out of some recycled rimu! My Rimu is not from a demolished house in the earthquake though.

zoopa, Aug 27, 5:40am
My thoughts exactly.

shakirafan, Aug 27, 6:17am
New World Northwood have them, next to the deli.

bratpack06, Aug 27, 6:21am
French bakery as someone mentioned on Port Hills Rd do have them, expensive but nice.

saskianz, Aug 27, 8:17am
French Bakery ones were slightly cheaper than other places.

saskianz, Aug 27, 8:19am
French Bakery ones were slightly cheaper than other places.

I think the original ones were marked as being from Kerrs Reach but later ones are general Chch Earthquake and date.

mizp, Aug 29, 11:55am

Are these the ones you mean?
Product Description

These fabulous boards have been made from recycled rimu sourced from buildings lost in the Febuary Earthquake. These boards have been incredibly popular as Wedding, Christmas and Birthday gifts.Boards Available are:

Large Chopping board $99.90
Pizza Board $89.90
Cheese Board $69.90

brooke26, Jun 22, 2:10pm
Christchurch Girls High Rowing club has these for sale.

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