Marriage celebrants chch anyone know any good ones

david_270, May 25, 10:15 am

Rod Paton hes a registrar at christchurch district court. absolutely awsum guy and any type of wedding hes great. o'Neil Ave

fewspot, May 25, 11:06 am

A weeding ceremony sounds like fun.

jonners2013, May 25, 11:48 am

Dandelion m Oxalis. Gift list #1 Roundup

ebeater, May 25, 8:52 pm

Carolyn Gattsche from Unique Ceremonies is great. She has been based in the north island and travels all over to do weddings but I know for a fact that she is moving down to Oxford to live this week. You should be able to find her online or on fb.

supersapper, May 25, 8:56 pm

John Sellwood is great. So easy to work with and customised service to suit:

babylak, May 25, 9:16 pm

glennf1, May 26, 1:03 am

zoopa, May 26, 6:10 am

Paula McGill

phaedra8, May 26, 6:22 am

Lynne Cribb is just gorgeous. She's in Nelson but ChCh is her hometown and she'll come here with enough notice.

si50, May 26, 7:27 am


lazkaz, May 26, 8:50 am

Ros Jackson.

articferrit, Aug 28, 4:37 pm