Drilling related earthquakes in Oklahoma

rua69, Jul 29, 7:22pm
Hells bells.


Several earthquakes shook Oklahoma on Monday as the state experiences a sharp increase in the frequency of tremors linked to wastewater disposal from gas and oil drilling, including from fracking, state and federal officials said.

Three of Monday??

mm12345, Jul 29, 8:58pm
OK - I'll play devil's advocate here. Fracking/deep waste injection was going on for long before the onset of the Oklahoma EQ swarm, and while it did ramp up, it doesn't explain fully how and why EQ activity would go from a background of nearly nil to a level more than 100 times higher than previous decades. It's possible something else is going on. In some ways, if it is "something else", then it's worse than if it is fracking induced quakes, as large intra-plate quakes have occurred in the US, and when they do, the strong shaking propagates further (relative to similar magnitude quakes on plate boundaries) and can cause massive damage over large areas. (ie New Madrid quakes of 1811/12).
But IMO it is probably induced seismic activity, and very interesting. Now that the warning has been given, if there is a serious quake in the area causing casualties, the political reaction will be massive.

There's a similar but smaller ongoing swarm in NW Nevada, no fracking in that area, over/ east of the subduction zone, and nobody seems to know what's going on there.

lugee, Jul 30, 12:18am
Correlation is not causation.

mm12345, Jul 30, 5:38am
Well, there's strong evidence that the fluid injection is causing the quakes, the mechanism of how it could cause them has been explained, but there's basically nothing to support the counter claim that the quakes are a natural or normal occurrence due to the geology in the area, as the duration and nature of the swarm is unprecedented.

lugee, Jul 30, 6:09am
Point still stands, until "strong" evidence (if it exists) turns into undeniable evidence.

mm12345, Oct 19, 2:34pm
Uuhh. until what?
There's very strong evidence that the quakes are caused by waste water injection, yet basically no evidence they're being triggered by anything else.
Oil industry funded denialists can't come up with a better idea than "but it must be something else", yet even the Oklahoma Geological Survey (with close ties to the oil industry) has conceded that the quakes are not the result of a natural process.

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