agent146, Aug 9, 10:21pm
Snowing in Hornby!

nzmax, Aug 9, 10:24pm
And Hillmorton, garden is white already and its only been snowing for 5 minutes

char522, Aug 9, 10:25pm
Halswell too!

retroqueen1, Aug 9, 10:26pm
Somerfield too

narnies, Aug 9, 10:27pm
ummmm wow, sun shinning here in North Canterbury, bloody freezing cold wind though.

mosaics1, Aug 9, 10:28pm
Big flakes in Prebbleton. Not sticking to the roads yet.

astrophe, Aug 9, 10:32pm
Seems to be slowing now. About 15 minutes of snow.

shakirafan, Aug 9, 10:49pm
Redwood ??

bootsy2003, Aug 9, 10:52pm
Some big flakes in Burwood

bergkamp, Aug 10, 4:14am
CWU are saying snow to sea level this evening !

nz_nicola, Aug 10, 4:20am
It was snowing this morning large flakes and quite heavy, but not settling, Sumner, wonder what tonight will bring

zaowl, Aug 10, 4:28am
More we hope! :-)

bandrach, Sep 10, 4:31pm
Was snowing at waimairi beach golf course this morning.

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