Parkview school reviews

dm0044, Mar 8, 5:36am
looking at this school for 2 boys? anybody have or had children go there?

pommie777, Mar 8, 6:18am
I was a first day pupil there! My class was the first one to go right through the school. I left in 1984 though, so no help at all to you, sorry.

chch21, Mar 8, 7:44am
I have had one boy go all the way to year 7 and a year 5 still there. All in all I've been happy with it, no major complaints or issues. A couple of years ago there were a couple of 'old school' older teachers whom my boys weren't particularly fond of but they've since retired. Never had any trouble with bullying at all which is always a bonus

skutother, Mar 8, 8:17am
My grandchildren go there and are doing well

dm0044, Mar 8, 7:39pm
Is the Principal good?

mcnic, Mar 9, 3:25am
search parkview school on the left

kathy9, Mar 9, 9:46pm
friends who have kids there seem happy enough with it.goes thru to year 8 however each year still seems to be a good chunk go to intermediate if you were considering that option too.

dm0044, Mar 12, 4:31am
bump and thanks to those who commented

groovyroseanne, Jan 2, 4:46pm
I went there from 96-02/03 and thought it was a great school.
I wouldnt hesitate to enrol my kids if we still lived in the area.

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