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ajn255, Apr 18, 7:53am

addington261, Apr 18, 7:54am
Yep, wee one here in Addington.

alfisti2, Apr 18, 7:54am
Now that was noisy and scary. Northwood here.

fletch37, Apr 18, 7:54am
Holy shit

teamgjt, Apr 18, 7:54am
Yes, 'shit' in Marshlands too!

fineo, Apr 18, 7:55am

1mumof4, Apr 18, 7:55am
Good shudder over in Shirley. Made me jump.

teamgjt, Apr 18, 7:55am
I'll join you for the wine!
(Hope you feel better soon)

stickman4u, Apr 18, 7:55am
is that all love it

totaranui2003, Apr 18, 7:56am
Under Moorhouse Ave?

lambrat, Apr 18, 7:56am
nth linwood/avonside. quite a pair of jolts here. small one first, then a bigger one :(
eta. guess it'll only be a 3something, but still very unwelcome

pugswal, Apr 18, 7:56am
Felt like a big gust of wind - very odd one. Redwood

cassina1, Apr 18, 7:56am
I was standing up for that one and normally dont feel them standing up very often. Like the last one I thought this was going to get bigger. My guess a 3.7

coverdrive, Apr 18, 7:57am
mag 3. Depth of 10 metres. 870 metres north - north west of Sydenham.

alfisti2, Apr 18, 7:57am
Ready to make a run for it here in Northwood. Thought it was waaaaay worse than than that. Woke the dogs

brightlights60, Apr 18, 7:57am
Yeah, our cat lies along the top of my lazyboy when I recline it back. He didn't even open an eye. I guess I "equalized" it for him!

barbs77, Apr 18, 7:58am
Thats sounded like a biggie!

jockl, Apr 18, 7:58am
Was noisy in Belfast

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