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kiwicarol, Jul 10, 2:47am
for those that want to check what they will be paying

supersapper, Jul 10, 2:57am
Have they jumped up again? Mine did quite considerably last year and it will be hard if they have increased with such a jump again.

wanderer52, Jul 10, 3:37am
Ours have increased $100 for bare land based on 2013 valuation. Next Valuation 2016, just after we move into the new house being built on the site.

ajn255, Jul 10, 4:13am
Ours have increased by $160.00.

moodybleu, Jul 10, 4:17am
Thanks for the info. Better to take the shock while sitting down!

wanderer52, Jul 10, 4:18am

jonners2013, Jul 10, 4:24am
whatever it is , it is. nothing you can do about it now.

jamesnmatt, Jul 10, 4:48am
sweet won't have to up my AP as was already paying more per fortnight than was required, only a small increase for us :)

likit, Jul 10, 5:22am
Ours have gone up $227, just under 7.5% increase, would be ok if my pay went up the same. It's going to come one day when everyone pays the same, why should we pay different amounts for basically same services?

jane310567, Jul 10, 5:33am
ours have gone up $400.

pooks3, Jul 10, 5:57am
Valuation stayed the same as the old valuation and rates gone up to $4103

wanderer52, Jul 11, 4:22am
New valuation next year pook. These are higher rates on 2013 valuation

pip4, Jul 11, 5:09am
Ours going up $500.00 . Been no improvements near our place for a few years,,,the last lot of "improvements" . a new footpath that was not needed, was completely messed up and now in heavy rain we have water flowing INTO our property. we havent complained because we know there are people out there that have worse problems, but the footpath outside here was perfectly fine. just gives you no faith in the CCC.

mousiemousie, Jul 11, 6:51am
Ours has gone up $250. And snap pip4 our drive also floods with runoff from footpath and road. We have contacted the council many times and complained. They admit they are in the wrong and it shouldn't do that but they won't fix it.

caseyscreations, Jul 11, 7:02am
$402.94 increase here in Phillipstown. Shame on you CCC I wouldn't have a problem But since all the major road and sewer works that have been done on this small street, to find out that who ever is in control Did not have my property on their plan My waste water lateral wasn't reinstated to the main pipeline that runs down middle of street. That's right folks, They dug up road to fix the damage done by earthquakes and ended up doing more damage than ever. Thanks CCC and Fletchers, scirt.

deniseandsteve, Jul 11, 7:08am
Thankfully we haven't had our footpath fixed ONLY went up $150

lambrat, Jul 11, 8:07am
same, no repaired footpaths around here. thats about the same as my increase, i don't even want to think about new valuations and rate hikes next year, sigh.

edit. thanks for the link kiwicarol :)

bergkamp, Jul 12, 9:19pm
Anyone have an opinion as to what percentage valuations will change in 2016?

aphra1, Jul 12, 9:39pm
Mine have increased by $370. Sadly, if this continues I won't be returning to Christchurch as I'd planned.

astrophe, Jul 12, 9:44pm
You might have a 400sqm home with a partner and 5 children all enjoying our roads, sewers, parks and other facilities.

I might be a pensioner in a tiny flat on my own.

Why should we pay the same?

astrophe, Jul 12, 9:45pm

But actual percent? Nah, better odds on Lotto.

jonners2013, Jul 12, 10:17pm
It's not the valuations that matter. They only indirectly relate to any increase in your rates. All that matters is how much the council increase rates.

ilottl, Jul 12, 11:45pm
To be expected, still cheaper than Auckland, Wellington and most other Councils


bergkamp, Jul 13, 12:49am
Valuations do matter . if there's another red zone

astrophe, Jul 13, 12:55am
What? Completely nonsensical.

Rates, by definition, is a factor of your house's value. It's not that the council says "You will pay $xx in rates". The council says "you will pay $x per valuation$".

So absolutely the valuation of your house counts! That DEFINES your rates total payment.

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