OT - school uniform alterations

jojo76, Jun 25, 8:31am
I'm normally good with taking clothes up, buy I can't get the pleats right in my girls kilt. Any recommendations of an alteration store? And any ideas of the cost? Cheers

ajn255, Jun 25, 9:17am
You could try Susan Ross on Rutland Street

si50, Jun 25, 9:43am
the alteration place in Riccarton mall is good and efficient.

jamesnmatt, Apr 4, 3:13pm
we used one down Hills Rd, almost at Innes Rd corner - Chris's alterations or something? in that block of shops on the corner of Hills and Westminster. Cheap too, $25 to do a fully pleated kilt, although to be fair that was in 2011 LOL

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