Hydrotherapy for dogs

millerz08, Aug 28, 11:26pm
I have recently took in a 9year old pitbull x.
Her legs are bad and she is tense down her back. Possibly deformity or a past brake.
We are off to the vet again today, but I wondered if there are any hydro therapy places near Rangiora?
As prebbleton is a bit too far and I have 3 other dogs (pugs and elderly poodle), it would turn into a bit of a mission going there each week.

martin11, Aug 28, 11:30pm
Think the new vet place on the main rd to oxford Stone and Taylor ? may do it . Only about 3 km from the Plough Hotel

lil_tarnz, Aug 29, 2:33am
Not rangiora but i know 1 in sockburn?

samanya, Aug 29, 7:54am
When you find a hydro therapy place that works for your guy . let me know, I have the same probs myself & it would be cheaper than a specialist!

zoopa, Aug 29, 11:10am
Total Vets in Linwood have hydrotherapy services. My boy needed it twice after blowing both cruciates within a year of each other.
Not Rangiora, I know, but it may help knowing what is around

milo134, Aug 30, 6:51am
Pug mad did you find one local? I'm sure I read about one opening a few weeks ago in Amberley. You could try phoning Rangiora Vets and speak to Eletia who does physiotherapy from there (and vet specs) she would know of any local ones.

shannie1998, Sep 2, 4:46am
There is a new one in Rangiora but you'll need to ask the guys at Prebbleton for the contact details as they helped her set up.

You can't get better therapy for your dog. We've been going to Prebbleton for about 18 months.

martin11, Apr 16, 4:32pm
One in Balcairn near Rangiora advertised in NW Rangiora on the notice Board

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