Winz 3k move to christchurch

trumptrader, Feb 16, 2:57am
Do I have to be on some sort of benefit to recieve this incentive or can I just apply once I've lined up a job ?

chch_gal, Feb 16, 3:43am
yeah you do. Work and Income clients (or people who have applied and are eligible for a work-tested benefit) may be able to get a one-off incentive payment of $3,000 to relocate to the Christchurch area to take up full-time work.

sweetgurl108, Feb 16, 7:33am
The manual specifically states the grant is not asset or income tested, but in the criteria it says you must be receiving a main benefit OR "have applied for and been assessed as eligible for a main benefit."

So I guess you should apply for a benefit first, then apply for the grant!

Good luck.

jcmp21, Feb 16, 9:04am
I looked into applying for it, but the criteria was too hard to get past the line. The ridiculous reasons WINZ gave are laughable and will outline below their outragoues excuses for turning me down.

"You are not on a benefit"
"no we can't put you on a benefit when you work full time"
"we can't just say you are on a benefit, when you're not"
"you live in CHCH, how can you move to a city you already live in?"

Thanks WINZ, thanks a lot

trumptrader, Feb 16, 9:15am
Sounds like its more trouble then its worth, why shouldn't fulltime workers be eligible. hello we pay tax dont we.

kindajojo, Feb 17, 4:57am
Totally unreasonable. they wouldn't give me $3k either . and I have a job and pay taxes and could have done with a holiday in the South Island.
Very inconsiderate.

jcmp21, Feb 17, 6:11am
Yep, well I had a boys booze and gambling weekend up north planned and I had to use my own frikkin money for it.

ferrarigirl, Feb 17, 7:37am
Why? And then pay all that 3k in finding a rental and then paying out the nose for it? Unless it's a great job paying very decent money, I wouldn't bother moving here. Roads are sh*te, bugger all to do, and it will remain that way for years to come. Stay where you are, pay fair rental or house price and have plenty to do. I'm CHCH born and bred and love it (well used to), and I personally think CHCH really sucks right now. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's not home anymore, and wouldn't move here if I had the choice - my two cents. One thing that really pi^^es me off about the whole thing is there isn't enough housing as it is, yet winz are trying to coerce folk down here on mostly low income jobs and it making it worse. I spoke to a 19 year old today who had come over from the coast, all excited about a full time job and living in the big smoke - 80% of their wage was immediately spent on rent. How does winz expect these kids to survive?

jon9, Feb 17, 8:55am
I just hired a guy today from Foxton using the 3k grant. Was super easy from an employer pov and only took 1 day to be approved. Young apprentice builder from foxton. 19 years old and raring to go.

marte, Feb 17, 10:42am
I have been thinking about this for a while.
You need too work for over 3 months or you have to pay it back.
So don't do it on a whim.

But $3k is a good downpayment on a motorhome or house bus.
Better than payin rent.

wahinetoa62, Feb 18, 8:59am
if moving the family down with all your furniture though the money wont go far - when you consider the cost of a truck, then with a rental - bond and rent in advance - could be looking at over $2,000 just to get into a place - not quite the dream the govt tried to portray it to be

chch_gal, Feb 18, 8:40pm
I don't think its aimed at families to be fair. Its target audience is single unemployed persons seeking an opportunity. Canterbury now has the lowest unemployment rate in Aotearoa. If you're not working here right now -that's a personal decision you've made and not because there isn't opportunities to do so. IMO.

bananacorp, Jan 18, 8:17am
And that is what it is all about.

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