Finally received email from EQC after 4 years to confirm damage. Yay!
Wrong address, wrong claim number and some poor buggar in Darfield is still waiting. What are those fools doing out there.
Rang to complain, they apologise and then tell me they have no update on our home. Go figure.!

gillian25, May 23, 10:22 am

Go and visit the In the Know Hub when EQC are there.

david_270, May 23, 11:10 am

If only John Campbell was going to be around for longer, He and his team could have helped you shame EQC into action.

retroqueen1, May 23, 4:09 pm

I don,t know who is worse! EQC or Insurance, neither getting on with it.

jessebird, May 28, 10:46 pm

If you can afford it, suggest you koin the EQC Group action. Details at: http://www.eqcgroupaction.co.nz/ga/index.html

derrida, Jun 2, 11:46 am

can anyone afford the ongoing battle with these muppets. We do have a lawyer for our own home. the rental was meant to be easy. Thanks for your suggestion. though.
The update is that they re-sent me the same email with my details on it.
When i complained about their incompetence and told them I was able to price the repairs myself using EQCs trusted and fair formula in 20mins they did not want to talk anymore.!

gillian25, Jul 25, 2:25 am

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