We have got a new bus depot in Lichfield street,

slimgym, Sep 14, 5:33pm
so what is the new bus depot being built in Manchester Street, am I missing something here,

bandrach, Sep 14, 7:16pm
Apparently it's like a mini exchange - I "think" for those buses that don't go through the exchange - but that could be wrong

slimgym, Sep 15, 1:22pm
why is this council building two of everything bit like Noah

ryanm2, Sep 15, 7:01pm
There is also an exchange being built in Riccarton. Corner of Riccarton Road and Division Street.

jon9, May 6, 4:25pm
Think of it like a flash bus stop. When more than 15-20 buses stop at one stop per day they are building a small lounge for the passengers.

Mainly on main arterial routes so buses done block traffic, particularly on Ricc Rd

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