Got a blocked drain, who should i call?

Does anyone have a recommendation? Looking for someone that is reasonably priced.


netto-who, Sep 25, 11:58 pm

I haven't had a blocked drain for over thirty years but when I did, I used a product, called, DRAINO, where you just put a tablespoon of crystals down the sink, and all the chemicals dissolved whatever was causing the blockage. You will be able to buy a similar product from Mitre 10 or the supermarket. Just ask!
Another cheap and simple, self help, way, to unblock a drain is to use a PLUNGER and they are still sold at Mitre 10. I have one but I'm lucky in that I've never had to use it!

iwikiwi, Sep 26, 4:43 am

G N Brewers, excellent firm to deal with and will not do anything that doesnt need doing

robyn35, Sep 26, 6:14 am

Who ya gunna call? Block Busters.

chromis, Sep 27, 8:38 am

I have used Maxwell Plumbers for numerous bathroom and water main issues. I was impressed because they have suggested ways to save money (such as having a friend dig a drain). They were recommended by my insurance company.

calista, Sep 27, 10:07 am

i would try draino first it works for me

whitehead., Sep 30, 5:52 pm

i second these guys. outstanding service

dannyboy24, Sep 30, 9:57 pm

stop using so much toliet paper

bosch2006, Mar 2, 3:12 am

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