I might strip naked on top of the Port Hills and.

see whether that will cause a quake!

tool_shop173, Jun 13, 9:00 pm

with any luck you'll fall off

jonners2013, Jun 13, 9:01 pm

whos going to join me?

tool_shop173, Jun 13, 10:04 pm

To cold out there for me! Ask again in summer

nz_nicola, Jun 13, 10:57 pm

cold enough for tool to shrivel enough that people think he's a she

craftylady1, Jun 14, 6:52 am

Crafty might go topless , eye protection needed tho .

Fancy deporting people that FFS

golfaholic2, Jun 14, 7:49 am

fripple weather. yea/nah

craftylady1, Jun 14, 7:50 am

I wouldnt want to look like you

tool_shop173, Jun 14, 12:48 pm

Im sure the feeling would be mutual tool_shop lol

golfaholic2, Jun 14, 2:26 pm

You will upset some mythical thingy magig creature.
Lots of shaking will occur.

fineo, Jun 14, 3:08 pm

Im sure you are probably right

craftylady1, Jun 14, 3:23 pm

Doubly so for Mr crafty no doubt

golfaholic2, Jun 14, 3:28 pm

no doubt.

Has got cold now. He and grandson and son have been out motor Xing all day and will be cold on return. just lit the fire

craftylady1, Jun 14, 3:43 pm

I know you did . Im stalking you lol

golfaholic2, Jun 14, 3:56 pm

I always thought that Sir Edmonds quote "we knocked the bastard off" was disrespectfull.

Sorry Ed.

marte, Jun 15, 2:11 am

standing on top of the port hills partially or fully naked is nothing new. , same with ''foging-up-the-car-wi-
as it has apparently been happening for decades.

jamie2016, Jun 20, 2:54 pm

Fantastic. Then you should post about it because "Everybody gives a s#%t"

dannyboy24, Jun 20, 4:31 pm

Promises, promises!

samanya, Jun 20, 5:46 pm


samanya, Jun 20, 5:47 pm

You'll freeze your dried-arrangement off, Mr Tool.

schnauzer11, Jun 20, 10:39 pm

Today would be an ideal day?

samanya, Apr 20, 4:07 am

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