rollydog1, Feb 28, 3:50am
that the army dropped off after the quakes? What is one meant to do with it as the army said to me that they would be back to pick it up and have never done so.Just collecting the wrong sort of thing and thats dust.

fineo, Feb 28, 4:18am
If you mean the camper type ,its yours.

kayakforsale, Feb 28, 6:11am
Yes, it's yours. I can't believe they didn't ask for them back once they were no longer required. How much money was spent on those? Amazing that they were supplied to those who needed them, but I just can't believe they didn't expect them back. Incredible amount of money, and more than a few must be just collecting dust like yours is

kiwicarol, Feb 28, 7:03am
I could well imagine the state some would have returned them in if it had been required. Doubt the costs involved of collecting, cleaning and sterilising would have been practical.

astrophe, Mar 1, 6:18pm
Exactly. What use would anyone have for a second hand toilet? Ewww.

go_redandblack, Jan 10, 6:44pm
Thank you - I didn't know what to do with it either. So thanks.

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