Moving company recommendations

bigbadfun, Jul 14, 7:58am
'Sup peeps!

Any recommendations for moving house within ChCh area? And ballpark prices? Just a big truck and some strong guys.

batty211, Jul 14, 8:32am
Dennis from Railz, excellent reliable team .

shakirafan, Jul 14, 9:23am
My husband works for Crown.

susense, Jul 15, 9:37am
Dennis Dennis Dennis!

schnauzer11, Jul 15, 10:02am
I've heard good things about Railz. This time last year we moved a BIG house-load. Hired a small truck, with hoist-platform from O'Malleys. Employed two burly lads via student job-search, and did it in 2 loads, including a piano.I'd guess the whole day cost me $500, minus the pizzas!

tigger250, Jul 17, 11:08pm
Had Moving Company came out and quoted for free. Found their service prompt and efficient. Came in within the insurance allocation

judith98, Jul 18, 12:46pm
World Moving and Storage were great.

tennisfanz, Jul 18, 8:01pm
I would definitely recommend allied pick Fords! The manager came out to visit on the day of our move to check our satisfaction. ,Crown lost some of our boxes!

mbos, Jul 19, 3:08am
I definitely wouldn't recommend NZ Vanlines. Turned up 5 hours late, having subbed out the job, didn't have the container here as promised, subbies had to double handle the goods, they hadn't told the subbies that, and the vast majority of our goods were either damaged or broken beyond repair, plus one box of books seems never to have come back.

katalin2, Jul 19, 3:35am
We used Allied Pickfords back in May, no complaints

timetogo, Dec 16, 3:22pm
New Zealand Movers were absolutely excellent right from the lovely young man who did our packing to the great guys who loaded and unloaded our house contents without a scratch. They even took the care and time to put cardboard under our furniture because the carpets were still damp when we moved back in.
Highly recommended.

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