Anyone missing a very large black long/h cat?

2bit, Jun 18, 7:54am
Burnside/Ilam area. Probably male, has been helping himself to my cat's food/bed/everything for the last 6 weeks. He doesn't look stray, but he seems to now be sleeping in my roof.

aphra1, Jun 19, 4:32am
There are lots of rescue organisations in Christchurch ( just avoid Cats Unloved) you can contact. Also the SPCA has a missing cat register. It's free to put an ad on petsonthenet and on TM. You could also post this in pets and animals as well as on Christchurch animal Facebook pages. Have you been in touch with the local vet ? If you can catch the cat you could take it to have it checked for a microchip. Imagine how you would feel if your cat was missing.

lankylass, Jun 19, 6:18am
It is said that cats choose a house, and its owners, where they wish to live. It may be that you now have a permanent lodger in your home. Have you tried to entice him in so he doesn't have to live in your roof. I'm thinking that if he gets on with your cat you could now say you own 2 cats.

aphra1, Jun 19, 7:52am
Sometimes circumstances such as a visiting dog, a new person in the home, a fright from a quake, a new animal, moving house etc can cause a cat to get "lost". That doesn't mean they came from a bad home and the owners don't deserve the finder to do all they can to find the original home. I had a cat go missing once and it still breaks my heart that I never found out what happened to her.

2bit, May 5, 2:12pm
I'm not convinced that it's stray - it's friendly, and quite large and healthy looking. I think it's just lurking because it's peeved that the easy meals have disappeared now I have a microchip cat door installed. I am keeping an eye on it to make sure it's ok, and it's welcome to shelter in the roof (the hatch outside is open so that cats can do regular anti-rat patrols, because we have a walnut tree). Looked on pets on the net etc. If nothing changes I'll do a local pamphlet drop to see if I can find the owner.

And my cat has made it clear that he visitor is unwelcome, hence the new cat door!

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