Paul McStay Builders

Anyone recently built with these folks?

dazza401, Jul 24, 7:30 am

I know people that have built with him twice and only have good things to say.

glennf1, Jul 24, 1:51 pm

We built with them 4.5 yrs ago(architecturally designed) - got other quotes, they were reasonably priced(by a significant amount) and very good quality. No problems - except the earthquake! My mum has built with them twice - last time was about 3 yrs ago. No probs. My best friend is about to start a luxury build with them in Clyde Rd after the demo is done. They are not salespeople so don't expect all the bells and whistles, no show homes, etc. They don't advertise. They do in-house design for most homes. Just good builders - great site manager, they run a tight ship. I have contacts with building suppliers so got the rundown on who to stay away from! We looked thru a few of their builds too so that may be an option for you.

jane310567, Nov 20, 4:29 am

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