Eastgate Mall

I saw someone chalking tyres in the carpark and today read that Wilsons are now policing the carpark. Apart from the week before Xmas, there are always plenty of parks available, so the only reason for them to do this is sheer greed. What a way to treat your customers - not.

lorischch, Oct 7, 6:21 am

I saw the same thing. Eastgate has been in the news for clamping overstayers as well. Not the greatest way to treat your customers.

digga7, Oct 7, 8:14 am

stupid move by the operators of the mall. just another revenue stream.

jonners2013, Oct 7, 8:41 am

Its not like there is really any where else to shop in the area. Not like South City where people park and then head off to surrounding shops, cos parking near those is not that easy. Plenty of non Eastgate parking in that area for the other shops, so what they think they are actually achieving is beyond me. I think the only time I have seen that car park even close to 3/4 full is the two days before xmas.

Mind you, Wilsons/The Council seem to be claiming every damn inch of spare space for paid car parking. Been into the wasteland that is our CBD lately? It's one giant car park, and not much else

zoopa, Oct 7, 9:56 am

Wheel clamping is the least of peoples issues who are at eastgate. More concerned with the stabbings and shootings that occur that way

jcmp21, Oct 7, 10:49 am

Yes, every blardy day. It must be tiresome being a regular-shopper there and having to step over the bodies.

schnauzer11, Oct 7, 2:31 pm

Well,if you WILL get a job clearing away those hundreds of pesky bodies,specially imported from Merivale.

cronezone, Oct 7, 2:46 pm

Perhaps a couple of volunteers to follow at a discreet distance.
With dusters.

cronezone, Oct 7, 2:47 pm

Cite please!
Or otherwise just shut the F up.

coralsnake, Oct 7, 3:01 pm

You are right, there are always plenty of empty parks.
I wonder how long before Wilsons get the other malls too, if they haven't already. Maybe the Council hopes that if we don't have access to leisurely parking at the suburban malls, we will go into town. They've been complaining for years that the city centre is dying because we prefer to shop at the malls where there is (was) free and unrestricted parking.

lorischch, Oct 7, 4:35 pm

Malls should erect bold signage indicating their car parks are controlled by Wilsons ,then at least we have the opportunity to drive on by .Wilsons are not known for compassion, they will squeeze every dollar they can out of the car park. They have to with the way their payment is structured

bugsy23, Oct 7, 8:03 pm

There's a letter in the Press today from someone who got pinged $60 at The Colombo. She warned the same thing could happen at Eastgate. I got a ticket at Ricc Mall a couple of yrs ago. Paid fine, but wrote to Mall management and said I'd never go there again ( haven't ) and they refunded fine.

junie2, Oct 7, 8:21 pm

eastgate mall have got very tough on over parking times, they have for a while,

kids4ever, Oct 7, 9:40 pm

Oh yea, it's the finest suburb in town


Just today's wee gem from the suburb

jcmp21, Oct 7, 10:38 pm

You go on like it's a daily event!
Waiting for today's posting.

coralsnake, Oct 8, 2:19 am

Parking compliance at Eastgate, The Colombo, South City and Westfield Riccarton is monitored by Parking Enforcement Services (PES), a division of Wilson Parking.


coralsnake, Oct 8, 2:36 am

The joys of not owning a car.

xmakara, Oct 8, 3:28 am

I havn't seen anyone putting white marks on my bicycle tyre.

tygertung, Oct 8, 6:18 am

This is how they figure out if stolen cars have been dumped in the car park.

They also have to pry open the boot to check for dead bodies.

stevexc, Oct 8, 11:01 am

Linwood is the most densely populated area in Christchurch at present. As such you will hear more about it. Per head of population it is the same as any other area for crime. As per statistics. Blue Collar Crime committed by
so called wealthy Educated People from the otherside of town costs the country considerably more than any other Crime. It is less reported as it is not so sensational to the public WINZ Offices and the like are not housed in Neighbourhoods such as Merivale. Im sure you can work out the Logistics of this. Have a nice day and shop where you like. Im going to Eastgate.

gillian25, Oct 8, 11:40 am

One incident. But I'm sure you're not naive or stupid enough to extrapolate from that,that its in any way typical of every day in Linwood,are you.
Are you?

cronezone, Oct 8, 2:30 pm

Linwood east gate not given me a problem. I have had staff yelling and customers at some other stores. it seems East gate know how to diffuse situations before they become huge. other areas I have found have fights. its nice to know the staff are trained on this line. As for east gate its not rushed and quite a quiet shopping center. I go to all shopping malls in Christchurch.

lindamae, Oct 12, 6:44 pm

people from Brighton, Sumner shop there as well as on way to home.

lindamae, Oct 12, 6:46 pm

We're closer to Northlands and Palms, but I like to go to Eastgate every couple of weeks too. Good coffee at MB and the one starting with A. Friendly staff at C/down. Best Warehouse garden centre in Chch - the staff know their plants , and look after them. And Lincraft is worth a visit too. And I really like having the library under the same roof.

junie2, Jan 21, 4:21 am

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