IAG decide house is rebuild, but Hawkins saying no

cry1, Mar 6, 1:12am
My loss adjuster called to say that based upon the report from the engineers he had sent a recommendation to Hawkins that my home be a rebuild. Unfortunately a Hawkins bureaucrat (who has never been to see the house or site issues) has made the 'decision' to ignore the opinions of various experts who have been dealing with the issue over the past few years (including their own project manager) and wants to keep the house at repair. Has anyone else had issues with Hawkins disagreeing with the decision reached by the IAG loss adjuster and various engineers? And if so how was it resolved?
Thanks in advance.

golfaholic2, Mar 6, 3:35am
Hawkins are dreaming if they think they make decisions .

bandrach, Mar 6, 7:08am
Was it a Hawkins QS?

cry1, Mar 6, 8:04am
I'm not sure sorry bandrach as I was just told that 'someone' in the Hawkins office disagreed with the pricing and reports provided by IAG that indicated the house is a rebuild. Apparently it has been happening a lot recently (may have something to do with kickbacks from repair companies) so I was wondering if others here had experienced it.

carpete, Mar 6, 9:08am
I don't get it, why would Hawkins decline a rebuild, what the heck has it to do with them? Hawkins are contracted by IAG to carry out what your insurance comp findings are. Your policy is with IAG, not Hawkins. I'd dig a little deeper if I was you. Perhaps try The Residential Advisory Service?

david_270, Mar 6, 9:13am
Write back to your LA confirming acceptance of the rebuild, and if you can nominate which builder(s) you would like to use. Get the dialogue going. Hawkins work for the IC, and your relationship is with the IC, not their puppy. IAG customers have gone through the rebuild process without Hawkins being involved.

mikechch, Mar 6, 9:58am
Hawkins employ project manager's who are barely out of nappies. I know personally of one cowboy painter who came down here from Auckland to get-rich-quick employing underpaid novices to do his work, while at the same time he was frantically getting a qualification to be a QS and then working for Hawkins within days of graduating. At the same time as he is working for Hawkins he is now trying to run his sideline painting company, as well. Needless to say, he does neither job with any degree of professionalism.

martin11, Mar 6, 10:00pm
Hawkins managed our drive repairs and what a s--t of a contractor they used very poor work and not luck 2 years later on getting it fixed . most of the panels have cracked again with just a car driving over . Love to know the thickness or preparation they did suspect none we were away when they did the job . Suppose I could drill holes to find thickness out .

tavendale1, Mar 7, 4:58am
Absolutely this. Hawkins probably have a quota of repairs they need to feed their contractors and that is where you're being lumped possibly. One across road Hawkins spent over four months on. Took cladding off, cut up the floor, then spent two of the fours months trying to relay a small concrete slab garage floor then they walked off. House now a rebuild. So by the time all that documentation comes thru the poor owners out for a year before its evened demo'ed. you just don't need that in your life

carpete, Mar 7, 8:00am
two days ago we were told by a sub contractor that State has had a change in policy and now are only going to be repairing, not rebuilding. State has not confirmed this (not denied it either) but have informed us that there has been a change and they are not useing loss adjusters anymore. sub contractors are now assessing houses and have to have reports in by end of march.

cry1, Jan 6, 5:00pm
How is that legal? I have already been out of the house for over four years due to red sticker so really don't need any other delays or 'changes in policy' to suit someone's back pocket

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