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fineo, Aug 14, 9:11pm
Lets hope that they can make the figures work.
Then lets also hope those that travel along the route will be happy to use and pay for it without subsidies on the rate payuers.


dogbond, Aug 14, 9:22pm
There are a lot of issues with providing a rail link. Most people using the Northern Motorway are not going into the actual CBD, they are just trying to get to the outskirts of ch ch. The main issue is that we have just the one route over the Waimak river ( unless you go the back way through oxford and over the Waimak that way).
I just wish they would spend the money on another road and bridge over the Waimak that would bring you out at the back of the airport/McLeans Island way.

astrophe, Aug 14, 9:28pm
I agree. Whatever we could spend on a rail route should be redirected into a new bridge.

jonners2013, Aug 14, 9:42pm
Rail is a great idea and is no doubt the better long term approach. the problem is what do people do when they reach the city? To make it work, there would need to be a new railway station right in the CBD so that people could legitimately not need a car once they arrive.

It absolutely boggles the mind that the central government and council didn't set aside land in the CBD for a station as well as the required rail corridor. This could VERY easily have been done within the overall rebuild plan. They didn't have to construct the line or station immediately, they just had to set aside the land for it and have it shown in the plan so that the city could evolve knowing exactly where it would be. A massive oversight and a missed opportunity that will now end up costing considerably more than it needed to.

dogbond, Aug 14, 10:32pm
They need to do a poll on everybody who travels the northern motorway between 6am and 9am, find out exactly where they are going. A huge percentage of those travelling at that time are in work vehicles, company cars etc. and need these vehicles to use throughout the day.
If they did put in a rail link, it would need to have multiple stops, not just straight into the CBD, then they would need a good bus service for those that get off the train, so they do not have to walk miles to thier work place.
Plus, parking at the train station, a lot of people that live north are not actually in say, Rangiora, they would have to provide good secure cheap parking.
By the time you have faffed about, it is just easier to jump in the car and sit in slow moving traffic!

astrophe, Aug 14, 11:01pm
Which is exactly why another bridge is simply a better idea.

dogbond, Aug 15, 12:17am
It would be bliss to be able to get to the other side of the airport without having to go down Johns road! All that traffic at the moment funnelling down the motorway tends to split equally in two once you get to Belfast, and even when they finish off the two lanes each way on Johns rd, this will still not sort the problem of traffic flow as it slows for each roundabout.

mm12345, Aug 15, 2:19am
Rail is NOT a better solution. I believe that even in Auckland, with much larger population and higher population density than Chch, the cost to the rate/taxpayer of their rail network works out at $0.80 subsidy for every km traveled by commuters - cost per passenger km is higher than single-occupant cars.
Better solutions are:
Restrict urban sprawl by taxing/rating outlying suburbs so that they'd pay directly for provision of all infrastructure/services - not expect people who will never use those services to pay. I sure as hell don't want to pay rates hikes to provide free/subsidised train rides to people who make a lifestyle choice to live way out on the sticks.
Somehow heavily discourage or completely ban delivering kids to school in cars by their parents. Buy the spoiled darlings raincoats for wet days and shove them out the door regardless. It's actually good for them - even better than broccoli.
Encourage flexible work hours by businesses.

serf407, Aug 15, 3:18am
Short term:-
Add 2 more lanes to the existing road bridge. For the morning commute have 2 lanes open North, 4 open South.
night commute - have 4 open North - 2 open South.
Requires a few heavy duty lane diverters, minimal extra roading, constructing in area of known geology etc.
Medium term - Another 4 lane bridge upstream from Coutts Island in area of best geology, bridge approaches etc.
Long term - Circular rail - CBD- Airport- Coutts Island bridge (Car Park - North Side Waimak) rail loop back via Belfast to CBD. (or in other direction)

gman35, Aug 15, 4:14am
People are just so ingrained to driving a car, that I think regardless of travel time (or petrol costs) within reason, there simply is not enough demand for it anytime soon.
I believe an increasing amount of people seem to have company cars (and associated expenses covered) now also.
It's a thing to look at once Population of ChCh to Pegasus/Rangiora and in between gets to 2mil I reckon.
I do agree with #4 re planning for it though.
The main problem is not enough city workers actually living in the city because there have been no apartments built, or existing hotels been changed to permanent accommodation etc. And many retail tenants that "The CBD business rebuild" needs back in Town won't go back in until there are simply more people around every day.
Either way, I would never live out of town and travel in and out every day, i was amazed how many were happy to just up & move out to Rang/Ohoka/Rolleston etc.

gordonh69, Aug 15, 4:29am
Adelaide is our Sister City. This system works so well in Adelaide. It would also work here in Christchurch with a very small footprint.

tygertung, Aug 15, 5:41am
I don't think that building more roads/bridges really is a solution that would work. Look at LA- thousands of kilometres of motorways and the worst traffic jams in the world. Trying to fix traffic problems by building more roads is like trying to cure obesity with bigger pants.
Light rail/trams etc is a very good solution. People will use the system if it is there.

oskybosky, Aug 15, 11:21pm
Every day our kids put on their coats hats scarves and gloves, grab their scooters, Dad and I drag the dogs out of bed and we walk the 7-8 minute walk to school. Halfway on the route a classmate and her parent pull our of their driveway, wave at us, and drive around the corner to school. More often than not by the time we arrive we meet them at the crossing. We repeat the procedure on the return journey (minus Dad and one 12 year old dog who isn't up for a second walk :-)) I am constantly flabbergasted! That 8 mins of fresh air twice a day, a time to chat about the day, look at the progress of houses being repaired, chat to the other kids walking home, discuss safely crossing the road, its all extremely valuable family time. I value this 8 mins so much.

martin11, Aug 16, 12:18am
Adelaide has a population of 1.30 Million Christchurch has 365,000 just over 1/4 of Adelaide

stojo, Aug 16, 12:28am
I don't reckon rail is suitable without extreme cost. People like the idea of trains but in reality they will not give up using a car as a train does not take you exactly where you need to go. Sure rail and trams would be great but putting in the network would be at a huge cost given the city sprawl. There is already empty buses to catch if more people used them it could get quicker for everyone. Convenience is king

serf407, Aug 20, 2:23pm
I would think it more appropriate to take the cycle lanes to the lesser used roads rather than have stops in the middle of the road.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber-tyred_metro - rubber tyred metro is expensive Millions of dollars per kilometre. http://indaily.com.au/news/2013/10/28/is-the-o-bahn-track-nearing-end-of-life/ Maybe find a local solution rather than having Chinese, Spanish or Canadian trains. Build your own electric buses, designed for prams, wheelchairs, bicycles, mtb, segways etc. Electric buses with a journey fee that encourages people to use versus the cost of running their own car as a daily commuter. With space for cycles so the 'links' can be made by bicycle rather than another bus ride.
http://www.designlinebuspacific.co.nz/dubai.php http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/comment/10034279/Electric-buses-without-wires-are-not-in-the-future-they-re-here-now
Maybe a few quad skis for those who want to go their own way.

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